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  • Women In Oroonoko, Aphra Behn's Widow Rater

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    of Empire it was clear that women are seen as a major power within the Empire. Making use of the Thomas Southerne’s Oroonoko, Aphra Behn’s Widow Rater and In her play Widow Ranter, Aphra Behn takes quite a solid approach in disrupting the social order by empowering women. She presents the women with characteristics of authoritative figures. Set in 17th century Virginia, Behn use Bacon's Rebellion and the stereotypes of a developing colonial society as a foundation for developing gender politics at

  • Patriarchal Pursuit

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    There are a number of elements to my board game, which were designed to reflect both the Restoration time period, and the play The Rover by Aphra Behn. The game is called “Patriarchal Pursuit” and it was created as a fun and interactive way to understand societal and theatrical changes of the period, as well as the role of female characters in the play. Significant aspects of the board game include the purpose, question mark cards, the “Libertine Lockup” space, as well as the trap door. The purpose

  • “Restoration Women: Reassessment of identity and status through theatre”

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    importance of theatre for women and their right to their sexuality. The social construct of theatre going itself including the social workings of women in the audience, the duality of an actresses and stage’s role in representing societal views on sex and Aphra Behn’s emergence as a successful female playwright and her use of character Angellica Bianca will be analyzed to illustrate how theatre was an essential part of the emergence of women’s sensuality in society. The love for theatre that King Charles

  • The Reflection: A Song

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    The poem 'The Reflection: A Song' was written in 1684 by Aphra Behn and seems to feature around the theme of realisation and betrayal. Written by a woman, the poem's main character of a betrayed female has a subjective stance, which evokes a strong emotion of sympathy from the reader as it could represent a true life event. The structure of the poem is set out in seven stanzas, consisting eight lines. What is interesting about the structure is the use of iambic tetrameter with the first, third, fifth

  • Symbolism In The Novel Oroonoko

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    Writing on slavery, Aphra Behn in the novella Oroonoko; Or, The Royal Slave, is clever in putting together the life of a slave and that of the white man to create the character Oroonoko. Throughout Oroonoko, Behn places the character Oroonoko, between the top of the hierarchy of society as a Prince in his native country, that then parallels to being part of the society of the Englishman. However, such ideas are then balanced by the verity that Oroonoko is a black man who then is turned into a slave

  • Women and Men in Aphra Behn's "The Rover"

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    and Men in Aphra Behn's "The Rover" Act one of the rover opens with two scenes which indicate that men and women occupy very different spheres. Compare and contrast the men and women in Act 1 scene1 and Act 1 scene 2. Aphra Behn sets the first scene of her play within a chamber in order to introduce a domestic sphere, allowing the audience to gain direct information about the characters and their inner views and ideas as they are hidden from the outside world. Consequently Behn is able to

  • Summary Of The Royal Slave By Oronoko

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    Oroonoko; The Royal Slave is written by Aphra Behn who was an English author. Her novel was first published in 1688. At its time of publication and still today this day, a lot of controversy surrounds Behn’s novel. It is important because it was one of the first published abolitionist writings by a woman. Behn influenced future writers to talk about subject that would normally be considered taboo. Oroonoko is about an African prince who is truly in love with a beautiful girl by the name of Imoinda

  • Analysis Of The Rover

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    extraordinary and seditious as Aphra Behn was able to write and publish such revolutionary plays at the capacity she achieved. Having already seen six of her plays produced for stage, she was something of an “anomalous figure” in the theatrical community (Behn 14). However, the first known edition of her Restoration comedy “The Rover” was published anonymously with reference to the author as male in the prologue. One can speculate that due to the bawdy nature of “The Rover” Behn felt it was safer to publish

  • Summary Of Oroonoko

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    “Oroonoko” is a story of an Oroonoko an African prince who is in love with Imoinda a young woman ho is desired by the King. The two end up captured by the British and brought to Surinam as slaves during the 1640s. The story written in 1688 by Aphra Behn, tells a story of a man who goes thru pain and heartache through out his journey. Oroonoko, betrayed by the Captain of a slave ship is lured with promises of a food and alcohol to show his appreciation to his royalty and the slave trade. Once the

  • Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

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    Essay #1 In life and in literature, love and passion often drive a man to succeed. The drive was often led by a passionate cause, such as a woman. With this passion, a man could defy all obstacles and continue to survive based on hope. In Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko, this was no different. Oroonoko’s motivation to thrive on and survive was his love and enthusiasm for Imoinda. The main test of his endurance was when Oroonoko lost his wife to the king, and he became a slave. Oroonoko was a slave trader