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  • Maya Angelou

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    “Maya Angelou is the most renowned and influential voices of our time” ( She is also a multi Grammy-award winning author( Angelou who wrote the poem, “On the Pulse of the Morning” for Bill Clinton’s Inauguration( As a voice for equality, Maya Angelou has dealt with discrimination head on as evident in her writing. Maya Angelou is a voice for the Civil Rights Movement and is known as “America’s most visible black female autobiographer”(poemhunter

  • Maya Angelou!

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    Born to a decaying marriage and unstable household, Maya Angelou thrills her poetic intentions through her dominant and eloquent words. Maya Angelou, center of mysterious and descendants of the broken, like a champion, she rose out of the ashes and into the lights of the stage. An American author and artist who has been called “America’s most visible black female autobiographer” by dozens of people, has made remarkable recognitions all around the word. She is best known for her sequence of six autobiographical

  • The Phenomenal Angelou

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    was Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou utilized her grim experiences as a child, single teenage mother, and young black women in a changing society as motivation to live life in face of relentless obstacles and share her story with the mass. As her life progressed, she became an icon and the voice to young black women everywhere later in life, an awe-aspiring poet, writer, dancer, actor, a human, and civil rights activists, and, most importantly, a mother and daughter. As a whole, Maya Angelou has embodied

  • Maya Angelou

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    Maya Angelou By consistently weaving the theme of motherhood into her literature, Maya Angelou creates both personal narratives and poems that the reader can relate to. Her exploration of this universal theme lends itself to a very large and diverse audience.  Throughout Angelou's works, she allows her followers to witness her metamorphosis through different aspects of motherhood. Well-worked themes are always present in Angelou's works-  self- acceptance, race

  • Maya Angelou

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    Maya Angelou was born April 4, 1928. Her real name is Marguerite Johnson, but she later changed it to Maya. She was born in St. Louis, shortly after her birth her family up and move to Arkansaw. Maya grew up there in the rural parts of Arkansaw, and later married to a South African Freedom Fighter. She lived in Cairo with him, there she began her career as editor of the Arab Observer. At the request of Dr. Martin Lutheran King Jr., she became the northern coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership

  • Maya Angelou

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    Maya Angelou is one of the most influential and talented African American writers of our modern day. Those who read Angelou‘s works should not pass the thought of where her influence came from. Maya Angelou’s work has been heavily affected by the era in which she began to write. The fifties and sixties were a tumultuous time for most African-Americans in the US. The civil-rights movement, led by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the National Urban League, Martin

  • Maya Angelou

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    the time she was born, Maya Angelou was subjected to racism, rape, grief and dehumanization. She beared enough emotional stress in a time frame that most people don't experience in a lifetime. Yet she prevailed. She forced herself to become stronger. And in doing so, she produced writings, which in turn, helped others to become strong. Her experiences and the lessons learned gave her confidence to be a teacher, a preacher, and an inspiration to millions. Maya Angelou was courageous. Based on

  • Maya Angelou

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    when Maya Angelou was a young woman -- "in the crisp days of my youth," she says -- she carried with her a secret conviction that she wouldn't live past the age of 28. Raped by her mother's boyfriend at 8 and a mother herself since she graduated from high school, she supported herself and her son, Guy, through a series of careers and buoyed by an implacable ambition to escape what might have been a half-lived, ground-down life of poverty and despair. "For it is hateful to be young, bright, ambitious

  • Maya Angelou

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    times more fiction than non fiction In 1970, a child with skinny legs and muddy skin was introduced into African American literature. Born marguerite Johnson she became known as Maya Angelou (Lupton 51). Her critically acclaimed works have changed the way of the African American autobiography is written. Angelou well known as an entertainer was urged by James Baldwin and by the cartoonist Jules fifer and his wife Judy to try her hand at writing an autobiography. After several refuels she agreed

  • Maya Angelou

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    Maya Angelou Born Marguerite Johnson on April 4, 1928, in St. Louis, Missouri Maya Angelou later changed her name to promote her writing. Maya- represents the childhood name her brother Bailey gave her and Angelou is a variation of her married last name. At the age of three her parents divorced and sent her and her younger brother Bailey to live with their paternal grandmother in Stamps, Arkansas. When she was seven years old she moved to Chicago to live with her mother and encountered one of