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  • Dr. Richard DiMarchi and The Discovery of Insulin Lispro

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    The discovery of the human insulin analog, insulin lispro (LysB28ProB29), by Dr. Richard DiMarchi and his research team at Eli Lilly and Company is perhaps the most significant recent advances involving the treatment of diabetes mellitus. A group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia, diabetes mellitus was put on the forefront medical science following an international conference in Monaco in 1985 by the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International, which called for the development of

  • The Modeling of Salt Water Intrusion

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    The Modeling of Salt Water Intrusion What is Salt Water Intrusion? Salt water intrusion, or encroachment, is defined by Freeze and Cherry (1979) as the migration of salt water into fresh water aquifers under the influence of groundwater development. Salt water intrusion becomes a problem in coastal areas where fresh water aquifers are hydraulically connected with seawater. When large amounts of fresh water are withdrawn from these aquifers, hydraulic gradients encourage the flow of seawater

  • Video Games

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    amount of buttons: four on the face, two triggers, a Start and a Select. The only new concept was the triggers. Both the SNES and ... ... middle of paper ... ...ce, a digital pad, an analog joystick and a Start button in the center of the controller. However, it has two major innovations. The first is the analog trigger buttons. These are sensitive to how much you press them, much like the gas pedal in a car. The deeper they're pushed, the more action the game will take. This could be used in a

  • What Is The Difference Between Digital Recording And Digital Recording

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    DIGITAL vs ANALOG RECORDING Digital recording/ reproduction converts an analog sound signal picked up by a microphone to a digital form. The process that allows this is called digitization. This allows the recording to be stored and transmitted by a wider variety of media. Digital recording stores audio as a series of binary numbers. These represent samples of the amplitude of the audio signal at equal time intervals. The sample rate is high enough to convey all sounds that can be heard. Digital

  • Functional Block Diagram: The Functions Of Function Blocks

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    Function Block Diagram The Function Block Diagram (FBD) is a graphical language in PLC which describes the function between the input output variables. FBD is in the form of elementary blocks and number of blocks are connected together to form a logic using connection lines or links. A function block is represented in the manner shown as: The connection is oriented, i.e. the line carries data from left to the right end. The connected blocks must be of the same data type (like integer, double integer

  • What Is Magnetic Hard Drive Or Magnetic Hard Drive Recording?

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    Introduction: Magnetic hard drive or magnetic hard drive recording both are the storage for using or store the data on a steel plate which is made for the storages the magnetized medium. Magnetic hard drive storage have different types of the patterns for the magnetization which are magnetsable and the material which are used for the storing of data and these all form are non-volatile of the memory. Those are that information which are accessed by one or more then read, write and heads for storage

  • An Analysis of VoIP as a Viable Alternative to Traditional Phone Service

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    to satisfy their telephonic needs as it can replace traditional PSTN phones while enhancing a number of telephonic services. There are three types of VoIP that are typically utilized in the current telephonic market; IP phones, computer-based, and analog telephone adaptors. IP phones are designed to mimic the functionality of a traditional phone to an almost exacting degree, the only differences being that IP phones utilize the Internet Protocol and provide enhanced features. These phones often use

  • Symptoms of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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    The Symptoms of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Human Immunodeficiency Virus has left a deep imprint on citizens affected today. The first recognition of AIDS occurred in the 1980’s and informed Americans to be more careful of their sexually activity. Some symptoms were similar to the common cold but were taken seriously after it lead to deaths. People assumed that HIV was spread by sitting on toilet seats or even hugging. The truth was that HIV couldn’t be spread as easily as everyone thought

  • sop

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    SOUMYA MANTHA - PERSONAL STATEMENT ________________________________________ India has a glorious, rich heritage with a plethora of cultures, lifestyles and traditions mixing on a daily basis. Such an upbringing has helped me see the beauty within each culture. I consider myself to be very fortunate as I belong in family that has established a special school for slow learners, and a non profitable hospital for the financially backward. Participation in the work here has enabled me to interact

  • Video Surveillance Systems for State University

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    bathrooms, faculty break rooms and dorm rooms would likely be considered inappropriate for video surveillance. Currently, video surveillance is provided at open dorm and learning center locations on campus. The infrastructure of these systems is analog, which uses coaxial cabling, with recorded playback of CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) cameras through... ... middle of paper ... ...e three applications; Milestone at $208 per camera and $2,800 per server application, ONSSI at $219 per camera