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  • Computers

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    also make possible ideas of privacy and of restricted information sources, but computer crime has become a very important risk that society must face if it would enjoy the benefits of modern technology. Two main types of computers are in use today, analog and digital, although the term computer is often used to mean only the digital type. Everything that a digital computer does is based on one operation the ability to determine if a switch, or gate is open or closed. That is, the computer can recognize

  • The Digital Conversion in Television

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    The Digital Conversion in Television Introduction Television is now in the process of converting from analog to digital technology. The significance of this change is greater than the introduction of color TV in the 1960’s, but more complicated since conversion will require new equipment for all consumers. Unlike color TV, digital television (DTV) uses a new kind of signal that does not fit within the structure of the old signal. "DTV" refers to a specific standard being implemented in the

  • History of Computers

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    over land lines, cryptanalysis became an economic means of acquiring intelligence about the intentions of foreign, especially naval, military forces.” (Flamm) During the 1930s, the Navy supported substantial work on servomechanisms at MIT. The analog computers were developed after Navy officers enrolled as graduate students in MIT’s Servomechanism Laboratory.

  • Computers

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    in use today, analog and digital computers, although the term computer is often used to mean only the digital type. Analog computers exploit the mathematical similarity between physical interrelationships in certain problems, and employ electronic or hydraulic circuits to simulate the physical problem. Digital computers solve problems by performing sums and by dealing with each number digit by digit. (Cringley 28-30) Hybrid computers are those that contain elements of both analog and digital computers

  • Statement of Purpose for Engineering in Computer Science

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    brand new computer- be it a laptop or desktop. A new system is a blank slate-a starting point to turn it into anything you like. But, during my high school I got to know that the oldest computer known to mankind was called “Antikythera Mechanism”- an analog computer designed to calculate astronomical position around 1 BC-84 BC. Getting to know this left me with a question and idea that changed my view on reality- What are the purposes of these? This was fortunately my first meaningful question in childhood

  • Digital Television Conversion

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    is being used to launch new capabilities in a couple of years. On February 17th, 2009 all over-the-air television stations are converting to a digital signal. This means televisions that are analog and only receive over-the-air broadcasts will become useless. The reason for this change is so that the analog spectrum may be freed up for broadband and other emergency systems. The internet is a very large medium that is beginning to run out of space for new users. If television stations become digital

  • The Netnews Administration System

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    1 Project 1: 1.a RFC 4707: The Netnews Administration System: The Netnews Administration System is a platform which has been made for ease for administration and utilization of Netnews via online. Further the newsgroups data kept in the centralization boundary database in an environment of client-server protocol to be distributed. Moreover, the data can be accessed by news servers, news administrators, and the readers. However, three of them have different access, such as the server can perform configuration

  • The Effects of Global Digitalization on the Entertainment and Media Industries

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    media markets. Literature Review Why would an established company switch from a proven method of media delivery? According to the new federal broadcast regulations stipulated in 2009, local broadcasters were mandated to stop broadcasting by use of an analog signal and made to switch to digital (Kabelowsky, 2013). This was ordered because the digital signal opens up more space in the bandwidth and allows more channels and internet access to become accessible (Kabelowsky, 2013). Therefore, firmly established

  • Analog and Consensus of Islamic Religion

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    As one of the Islamic tradition, the creation of the law was a significant accomplishment in Islamic history. After the disordered period when the numerous schools of religious law emerged, a unified jurisprudence -- “Shari’a” finally was established in the tenth century. The term of “Shari’a” used to refer to the path leading to the water hole in the desert; now, it represented the rules that Muslims needed to follow, which means the Islamic law. Followed by the emergence of “Shari’a”, Sunni experienced

  • The History Of Computers

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    constructed of wood, two wires, and beads. It was a wooden rack with the two wires strung across it horizontally and the beads were strung across the wires. This was used for normal arithmetic uses. These type of computers are considered analog computers. Another analog computer was the circular slide rule. This was invented in 1621 by William Oughtred who was an English mathematician. This slid ruler was a mechanical device made of two rules, one sliding inside the other, and marked with many number