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    Amelia Earhart Have you ever been daring enough to think outside the box or do something out of the ordinary? Maybe you have, or maybe you’ve been too scared to. Someone who wasn’t afraid was Amelia Earhart. She did something no one else had done or attempted to do before. Amelia Earhart, daring and outgoing from the start of her life, achieved many things, which is why she should be remembered because, indeed, flying is what ended her life. Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1898, in Atchison

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    as the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. Occasionally, it’s merely an act of instinctive bravery, however it’s the conscious decision beforehand that makes one courageous. Undoubtedly, Amelia Earhart was an extraordinary individual who embodied every attribute and conquered many hurdles to accomplish her dreams. Amelia’s childhood paved the foundation for her to become the fascinating individual many strive to imitate. She was very adventurous

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    What is the importance of Amelia Earhart being the first woman to fly? Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897, since she was a little girl she was always a hard worker and determined to stand out and be different from everyone. Her mother’s name was Amy Earhart, her father’s name was Edwin Earhart, and she had a sister named Grace Earhart. Amelia’s family was different from many other people’s family back then. Amelia and Amy liked to play ball, go fishing, and play outside looking for new adventures

  • Theories Behing the Bermuda Triangle

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    aircrafts and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances” (“Bermuda Triangle” Wikipedia.). Many of aircrafts and ships have been lost without a distressed radio call and in adequate weather (“Bermuda Triangle” History). Amelia Earhart and the USS Cyclops are two examples of ships and planes that have gone missing. There are many theories pertaining to the Bermuda Triangle; pirates (Obringer), aliens (Wagner and Obringer), and time warps (Wagner) are three of them. Ship Incidents

  • Flying Solo

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    Flying Solo Today is the day of my first flying lesson. For the last month I have been putting together a model of the Spirit of St. Louis, the plane Charles Lindbergh used to fly from to New York to Paris in May of 1927, the first transatlantic flight. I love putting together models; I love the intense concentration it requires, the knot of tension that forms at the back of my neck, the dizzying smell of glue. Charles Lindbergh was not the first pilot to attempt this flight, but he was the

  • Amelia Earhart Case Study

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    Amelia Earhart: The Life and Disappearance of an Iconic Avia-tor The disappearance of Amelia Earhart is one of the most mysterious occurrences to ever happen, and has caused numerous speculations. Growing up, she had a vast interest in aviation. When she disappeared, everyone was shocked and some claim to have her last transmission. Many theories circulate her disap-pearance especially now that there is an authentic photo of her. There have been countless search groups trying to find her even today

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    followed by a small group project. Amelia Lost by Candace Fleming This is an interesting excerpt about the life and times of Amelia Earhart. The author moves back and forth between Amelia’s childhood all the way to her last flight. She goes into the search for Amelia and her missing plane. The pictures included in this book are amazing. Also, there are shots of handwritten notes by Amelia Earhart herself. With many sidebars, history, and background of Amelia, this book is sure to delight a classroom

  • Failure Failure

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    The sweetest victory is the particular case that is generally troublesome. The particular case that requires you to reach deep down inside, to battle with all that you've got, eager to forget everything there on the front line without knowing, until that accomplish or fail moment, if your courageous effort will be sufficient. Society does not reward failure, and you will not find numerous failures reported in history books. The exceptions are those failures that get to be steppingstones to later

  • Amelia Earhart: Quintessential American

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    that Amelia Earhart is the quintessential American. First, Amelia Earhart was an incredibly motivated woman. From the very first moment she saw someone fly a plane, she knew she had to learn to do it. At first, it was difficult for her to find a teacher because nobody was willing to teach a woman or the teacher charged too much for the lessons but Amelia never gave up looking. Eventually she found another woman flyer, Neta, who was willing to teach her, but charged a dollar a minute. Amelia, who

  • Amelia Earhart's Life: Amelia Earhart: Beginning To End

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    Amelia Earhart’s life. Beginning to End Amelia Earhart’s life was an interesting one. From being the daughter of a busy father that had drinking issues, to being taught by one of the best to fly an airplane. She trained in the medical field but continued to follow her dream of flying working odd jobs along the way to support herself. With the rise of Amelia’s popularity and her being an inspiration to woman all around the world. Finally, attempting to fly around the world and mysteriously disappearing