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  • Ambiguity

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    Ambiguity “The Road Less Taken” by Robert Frost and Blanche Farley’s parody “The Lover Not Taken”, are two examples of poems that show strong poetic literary elements. When looking at Frost’s poem from the surface it is just about a stroll in the woods, which led to a fork in the road, and the speaker had to decide which road he/she should continue on. But the final stanza proves that the poem has much more meaning, and actually deals with the metaphor of the road less traveled on life’s interesting

  • ambiguity

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    Tales and narratives about war fill the 20th century. For about 50 years the United States was in and out of war with Asia, from World War I until the Korean War. A question that many onlookers neglect is how the Chinese who were living in American during these wars suffered from not being considered true Americans even if they stood as citizens. Maxine Hong Kingston uses her chapter, “The Brother in Vietnam,” in her novel China Men, as a response to this overlooked question. The experiences that

  • ambiguity

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    My group and I have decided to do a scene from the movie Mean Girls. I know what you’re thinking, a bunch of white girls doing a scene from Mean Girls, predictable. But hear me out. We chose to do a scene from this movie for two reasons. The first was that we have a group of five girls and none of us wanted to play a male role. The second reason will cater a little more to your liking. This movie is very predictable, you are right there, but there is so much about this movie that you can dig deeper

  • Ambiguity Essay

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    Ambiguities in Natural Language Processing Anjali M K1 , Babu Anto P2 Department of Information Technology, Kannur University, Kerala, India1,2 ABSTRACT: Ambiguity can be referred as the ability of having more than one meaning or being understood in more than one way. Natural languages are ambiguous, so computers are not able to understand language the way people do. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is concerned with the development of computational models of aspects of human language processing

  • Ambiguity in Language

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    Ambiguity in Language If everything we know is viewed as a transition from something else, every experience must have a double meaning or for every meaning there must be two aspects. All meaning is only meaningful in reference to, and in distinction from, other meanings; there is no meaning in any stable or absolute sense. Meanings are multiple, changing, and contextual. SIGMUND FREUD Language, being a system of communication, has a very delicate job

  • The Ethics of Ambiguity

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    Ambiguity can be defined as a lack of precise meaning or interpretation, so how can we describe human existence as “ambiguous”? Surely, there must be some essence, or characteristic thing, that we can use to solidify the meaning of our existence. However, it becomes difficult to pin down exactly what every human existence has in common. Dreams of fame and fortune motivate and consume the lives of some people, others dedicate their lives to help people less fortunate, and still there are those that

  • Female Ambiguity

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    Female Ambiguity: Kirke from The Odyssey vs. Bianca from The Taming of the Shrew Women are ambiguous characters throughout texts such as The Odyssey and The Taming of the Shrew. In these two stories, there are female characters that are deceitful and beguiling towards men. Kirke and Bianca are two comparable characters that display such behavior. I will explain how both characters display ambiguity by hiding their true nature behind actions that they wouldn’t normally take; therefore these female

  • The Constitution's Ambiguity

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    importance to our founders and remains so today after over 200 years. While there is no clear answer on how to achieve security, our constitutional system of government provides the framework for seeking its ends. The Constitution itself, in its ambiguity and deliberate requirement for interpretation, along with the elements of division of power and the rule of law, play key roles in how our government provides the blanket of security for our nation. This paper will explore how these elements complement

  • The Ambiguity of Plato

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    The Ambiguity of Plato For hundreds of years, Plato has been admired as a writer, a master rhetorician, an artist, and above all, a philosopher; however, Plato's backlashes against sophistry and art have led to much confusion concerning his ideas and beliefs. John Poulakos says of Plato, "[F]or most rhetoricians Plato has always played the same role he assigned to the sophists--the enemy" (Nienkamp 1). Plato will always appear to be the skilled rhetorician or artist who speaks out against rhetoric

  • Ambiguity Of Genitalia

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    People are commonly born with genitals that are easily distinguished as male or female. Intersex individuals are born with ambiguous genitalia that can’t be clearly categorized. The ambiguity of the genitalia or anatomy varies as a product of different variations of chromosomes, genes, gonads, hormones, and hormone receptors (A.D.A.M.). This variations can either occur externally or internally, for example the genitals could be difficult to distinguish as female or male or the internal anatomy of