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  • Are Alternative Fuels The Best Alternative?

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    Are Alternative Fuels The Best Alternative? With the millennium just around the corner, new energy conserving ideas are being brought to the market. Among the most prominent are cars powered by electricity, as opposed to gasoline. Electric vehicles seem practical, and they protect the environment by reducing pollution. But our economy would suffer colossal changes in order to accommodate these low-emission vehicles. The entire oil industry would bear an enormous loss, car manufacturing would have

  • An Alternative Film: Psycho As An Alternative Film

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    An alternative film is a film produced out of a major film studio. Alternative films are often divergent by their movement and style and the way in which the director vision is understood. More than often, an alternative film is made with a low budget. “Psycho” is a 1960 American psychological thriller-horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The film follows a secretary by the name of Marion Crane who, after embezzling money, finds herself at an isolated motel with the motel 's troubled owner/manager

  • Alternative Medicine

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    Alternative Medicine Throughout recorded history, people of various cultures have relied on what Western medical practitioners today call alternative medicine. The term alternative medicine covers a broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies. It generally describes those treatments and health care practices that are outside mainstream Western health care. People use these treatments and therapies in a variety of ways. Alternative therapies used alone are often referred

  • Alternatives to Prison

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    Alternatives to Prison Prisons, facilities maintained for confining people convicted of committing crimes, were used to rehabilitate offenders while keeping them isolated from the community. The Quakers built the first prison in 1790 in order to seclude criminal offenders from society to think about their wrongdoing and to seek forgiveness in a kind, and spiritual environment. (Inciardi 497) Currently, there are three types of prisons within the Federal, State, and County governments. These

  • Alternative energy

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    Various alternative energies have already been invested in for use in our buildings and transportation. There is a clean fuel to power almost anything with all the possible renewable energies available, but choices are limited when it comes to operating a vehicle. Some types of renewable energies are not as efficient or easy to access with cars and other vehicles, which is why only some of the finest have been chosen. Biomass, hydrogen, and electrical charging are all great sources of alternative energies;

  • Alternative Energy

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    years was the use of alternative energy. Alternative Energy is being increasingly used due to “The threat of global warming.” (Tom Udall, “Clean Energy,” par. 3). The result of the burning of fossil fuels and fossil fuels are soon depleting and alternative energies will be the ways that people will be living in the near future. As the positives of alternative energy will provide a healthier and cleaner future, cost is something people underestimate. The price of alternative energy will increase

  • Alternative Medicine: The Alternative Side Of Medicine

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    The Alternative Side to Medicine For centuries, civilizations discovered and effectively executed healing practices that were unconventional compared to the methods carried out in hospitals. These atypical practices fall under the category of alternative medicine, also known as complementary or integrative medicine. Common examples of it include yoga, acupuncture, Ayurveda, and homeopathy; which uses botanical substances to heal the body (“Alternative Medicine”). Alternative medicine’s main focus

  • Alternative Medicine

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    Alternative Medicine: Try Something New Today more then ever alternative medicine is becoming more accepted and widely used as regular medicine. Alternative medicine is considered the use of any medicine out of the normal of what is considered conventional. “Alternative medicine was once considered the domain of snake oil charlatans and gullible consumers”(Waltman, et al 1). As the growing popularity of alternative medicines has increased, so has the number of groups and organizations set up to

  • Dissection Alternatives

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    Dissection Alternatives Dissection in science classrooms is an experience that almost every student has to go through, but one that many will regret. It is estimated that six million vertebrate animals are dissected in high schools each year, and another 5.7 million are used in college laboratories. The issue of educational dissection has become a national concern. Many groups such as PETA and The Humane Society have been lobbying for years to outlaw such practices, and implement new and safe

  • Alternative Energy

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    Alternative energy is any energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuel. These alternatives are made to look at problems about some fossil fuels. The nature of what makes an alternative energy cause has changed a lot over time, as have arguments regarding energy use. Recently, because of the change in energy choices and changing goals of their advocates, defining some energy types as alternative is highly unliked. Alternative causes of energy differ greatly in their costs and availability across