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  • The Future For Automobiles: Alternative Energy Sources

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    engines the energy needed to move. However, this wonder fuel is not without its problems and side effects. Companies have started to understand how much of a concern this has become to their customer base and they realized that a fuel-efficient automobile is becoming very important to the consumers. Unfortunately, engineers can only design so many improvements before the internal combustion engine becomes too costly to manufacture. To combat this automobile manufacturers are looking at alternative ways

  • Hydrogen: The Best Alternative Energy Source

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    Since the human were created, they have always been depending on an external energy source. Before the use of fossil fuel was discovered, people used the sun as their main external energy source. The sun provides heat, light, and photosynthesis for food that the humans and animals need to make their work energy. And it also affects wind and water motion that the humans also use to make power to do heavy work. When the use of fossil fuels was discovered, it enabled the industrial revolution to begin

  • Fossil Fuels and Alternative Energy Sources

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    effect. Fossil fuels have a crucial role in modern society, but since they are non-renewable and dangerous, we should reduce our dependence on them and explore alternative energy sources. Wind energy, hydroelectricity, and solar energy are some examples of renewable fuel sources. There are also many things that people can do everyday to save energy (and, in turn, conserve fossil fuels). There are three types of fossil fuels- coal, crude oil, and natural gas. Coal was formed very slowly. Even the “newest”

  • Wind Power as an Alternative Energy Source

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    Alternate Energy Source Graphics not Included ABSTRACT The United States' main source of energy is currently fossil fuels. However, we know that fossil fuel supply continues to deplete and sooner or later, the United States will need to resort to a new source of energy. This report hopes to explore the advantages and disadvantages of wind power using model regions. These regions have experience in using wind power, which may help us determine whether or not it is a suitable source of energy when

  • Windmills or Wind Turbines as an Alternative Source of Energy

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    called traditional, which is made of fossil fuels. These fossil fuels create pollution in the air affecting our ozone layer. A solution for this problem would be to leave the traditional fuel and enter to the new world of alternative energy. My alternative energy is wind energy which is caused by wind turbines or windmills. The windmill has been used for many years in history. Windmills, according to AE Wind Turbines, are used to generate electricity from the kinetic power of the wind. According

  • Nuclear Power as An Alternative Energy Source

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    not go without having many disadvantages. But it is the fact that nuclear fission provides a massive amount of reliable electrical energy at a relatively low cost that has many countries investigating the possibilities of nuclear power generation. To understand why nuclear power would be the only option (at this time) for an alternative to fossil fuel burning for energy production is to understand its history, the world’s current power production from nuclear power, and where it is going in the foreseeable

  • Using Alternative Energy Sources in the United States

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    Using Alternative Energy Sources in the U.S. The United States has many directions to choose from in the oncoming future of energy. “Options for the world's energy future may include surprises, thanks to innovative research under way around the world” (LePoire 1). History has shown that surprises can change generations . Since the mid 1900’s, experts have been conducting research on the way our nation has been using energy. The United States have relied on other countries to gain knowledge with

  • Natural Gas is a Viable Alternative Energy Source for Electricity Production

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    use of natural gas as an energy source, to produce electricity, is becoming more common in the United States. Due to growing concerns regarding global climate change and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG); the country’s dependence on foreign oil; and the fears that conventional natural gas supplies could be depleted within the next decade, the United States has begun developing alternative energy sources. Most critics would agree that clean alternative energy is the ideal source of electricity, but many

  • The Role of Alternate Sources of Energy

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    The consumption of energy in our world is vital, especially in the economy. Although, the methods of obtaining energy is harmful in many ways. The worst of many ways are the release of greenhouse gases; these gases are dangerous to the environment, the health of human beings and animals. The causes of all the harmful effects are from Fossil Fuels. These fuels are made out of combinations of hydrogen and carbon atoms called hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons come in plenty of forms- starting from the smallest

  • Alternative Energy Resources and Human Dependence on Oil

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    Alternative Energy Resources and Human Dependence on Oil Introduction The modern world is fuelled by oil (Youngquest, 1998). This reality has brought tremendous changes and developments that is continuously transforming the modern period, changing its lifestyles and economies in the last 200 years. However, these changes do not only paved for modernization and development, but it has also paved for the environmental crisis that the world is now facing (Bodley, 2008). Environmental crisis refers