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  • Allergy

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    Allergies are especially unique in the medical field because they differ among patients. An allergy is a specific immunologic reaction to a normally harmless substance, one that does not bother most people. People with allergies are often sensitive to many substances. Common allergens that cause allergic reactions include seasonal, outdoor allergens like tree, grass, and weed pollen, and year-round indoor allergens including dust particles, animal dander, and indoor mold. Most people usually can

  • Tomato Allergy

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    Tomato allergy is a food allergy which is not common. However it becomes a real big problem to people who are allergic to tomatoes. The allergic reaction seems to be because of the skin, seeds and juice. This allergy falls in Type 1 Allergy also called contact allergy. The oral allergy to tomatoes can be also due to the cross-reactivity to grass pollens and Ryegrass. Since tomatoes and potatoes are close related plants, therefore there is a slight chance of being allergic to potatoes also. Ingesting

  • Seasonal Allergies

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    Allergies occurring during a certain time of the year are known as seasonal allergy. The main cause of these allergies is pollen, which is due to response of the reproduction of trees, flowers, grasses and weeds. The two most frequent seasons that are responsible for allergies is spring and winter or which commonly known as fall. These are the seasons when the highest pollination takes place. The NIAD (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) recorded that about 35 million people

  • Essay On Allergy

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    sneezing, runny noses allergies are not a fun thing for a person to have. Many people have allergies, but not a lot of people truly know what an allergy is and how they work. Allergies are a reaction from the body caused by certain substances. These reactions can trigger symptoms that come in different levels of severity. No matter age, body type, or gender anybody can have an allergy. “As many as 30% of U.S. adults and 40% of children”(“What Is an Allergic Reaction?”) have allergies. I fortunately don’t

  • Food Allergies

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    to a halt. “EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY” codes are repeated over the intercom system of the endless pale colored hallways of the hospital. Doctors and nurses scurry full speed ahead in hopes to stop an allergic reaction. For people who suffer from food allergies, eating in restaurants is not a simple task. In our fast pace society, many restaurants often don’t consider or understand the seriousness when customers request substitutions or inquire about ingredients. Over the last two decades hospital admissions

  • Food Allergies

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    Food Allergies Do you think food allergies are harmful for the restaurants and if yes why? I think food allergies are harmful for the restaurants that are not chains because they been introduce to something new but in some ways I think it isn’t harmful. But in this paper about food allergies you are going to hear why I think it is harmful for the new restaurants and why I don’t think harmful but that not all your hear in this paper. First, you are going to hear about what are food allergies and

  • allergy patterns

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    We as Americans have grown up to think that allergies are just a way of life and that they are as common as the common cold. However, many people fail to understand that the United States has the highest percentage of allergy patients. Studies show that the United States is more than 70% more susceptible to some allergies when compared to other nations such as Canada and Mexico. 1 in 5 people in the United States have allergy or asthma symptoms and 55% of Americans’ have one or more allergens. Odds

  • Food Allergies

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    Escalation in Customer Food Allergies For the past decade customer food allergy incidents have been notably on the rise. In some cases so severe that sixty –three fatalities have occurred nationwide between 1996 and 2006 states the 4Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. The most common allergens include dairy, eggs, 5peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish as well as soy and wheat. It is believed the increase may be in part due to insufficient food allergy knowledge in the restaurant industry

  • Chocolate Allergy

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    Chocolates have benefits that can cure allergy but there are people who suffer from chocolate allergy. Chocolates are an addiction to many of us and researchers have found that dark chocolates contain antioxidants. This makes it a reason for many of us to indulge on it all the more. Chocolate allergy falls in Allergies Type 1, also known as contact allergy. Chocolate, a very delicious and mouth watering food is actually a very complex food that contains 300 chemical compounds like caffeine, element

  • What is a Latex Allergy?

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    others it can be life-changing. When someone is diagnosed with an allergy, especially when the allergen (the thing that triggers the body to have its allergic reaction) is very common in her environment, she may have to make many lifestyle changes to stay safe and healthy. The first step to treating an allergy is to understand fully what the allergy really is and how to keep one’s self safe. So what is a latex allergy? A latex allergy occurs when the human body decides that latex is a harmful substance