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  • The Mariana Trench: The Discovery Of The Mariana Island?

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    moving. It appears to us like nothing is happening, but truly the lithospheric plates are constantly moving very slowly right underneath our feet. We know this information based on the discoveries of Alfred Wegener, Harry Hess, and many others that contributed to the theory of plate tectonics. Alfred Wegener was the first person to provide evidence on plate tectonics and continential drift. His theory of the supercontinent Pangea has been a huge leep in the theory of plate tectonics. Harry Hess developed

  • The Cause Of The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

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    1906 San Francisco Earthquake Rachel Ziffer 3rd period At 5:12 a.m. on April 18, 1906, the people of San Francisco were awakened by an earthquake that would devastate the city. The earthquake was caused by a rupture of the northernmost 296 miles of the San Andreas Fault, leaving 225,000 homeless, 3,000 dead and 500 city blocks gone. This photograph, taken by George Lawrence from a series of kites five weeks after the great earthquake of April 18, 1906, shows the devastation brought on the city

  • Plate Tectonics Theories Analysis

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    forming into the seven continents we have today. The first comprehensive theory of continental drift was suggested by the German meteorologist Alfred Wegener in 1912. The hypothesis asserts that the continents consist of lighter rocks that rest on heavier crustal material, similar to the manner in which icebergs float on water. Wegener contended that the relative positions of the continents are not rigidly fixed but are slowly moving at a rate of about one yard per century. However

  • Importance Of Plate Tectonics

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    However, following Wegener’s theory, geologists such as Arthur Holmes were able to further develop these ideas, leading to the acceptance of the plate tectonics theory. The evidence that Wegener provided for his theory, was also useful evidence in proving that the plate tectonics theory is valid. Firstly, Wegener noticed that continents such as Africa and South America were able to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. He also observed that animals and fossils in widely separated lands were similar.

  • Human Evolution Essay

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    “If all of humankind originated from Africa, why are we all not black?” Evolution has always been an area of great fascination for me. Since the beginning of my journey as a Life Sciences student, evolution has always been my favourite section alongside the human anatomy. Learning more and more about the human anatomy, I leant that all humans are the same on the inside, but we’re all different on the outside. In grade 10 we learnt that all humans originated from one place on Earth but in grade 12

  • Tectonics Theory Essay

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    Understanding the plate tectonics theory is very important, especially when investigating natural disasters like earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. It is also gives scientists the ability to understand how mountains were formed between two tectonic plates. There are three types of interactions between plate boundaries: convergent, divergent and transform. Looking back at the history of these three different interactions, earthquakes, like the one in Haiti, volcanic eruptions, like at Mount St.

  • Palaeogeography Essay

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    Palaeogeography deals with the reconstruction of physical geographical conditions for the eras of the Earth's history. The term comes from the Greek παλαιός (palaiós) meaning ‘old’ and γεωγραφία (geōgraphía) meaning ‘a description of the earth’ and seems to have been introduced in the Earth sciences vocabulary as ‘Palaeo-Geographie’ by Ami Boué (1794‒1881), a French‒Austrian geologist, in his publication Einiges zur palaeo-geologischen Geographie (Boué, 1875, p. 2). Palaeogeography focuses on the

  • The Magnificent North American Tectonic Plate

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    The Magnificent North American Tectonic Plate Even though other global problems are bigger than Plate tectonics, the North American Plate took many years to form, is very divers, and is purely magnifect because a big part of our everyday life and the plate tectonic theory is one of the oldest theories known to man. There are also many different aspects to the North American Plate. There are regular basic facts about the plates, there are specific scientists that gathered and founded information

  • Reexamination Of Knowledge

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    Knowledge can be defined as information or facts derived from our emotion, reason, logic and perception. We strive to study the nature of knowledge, but at times, knowledge that is once “accepted…is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” To discard something is to vehemently reject it. Discarding knowledge that was once accepted raises many knowledge issues such as “To what extent is the knowledge we have temporary?” and “What causes progress in the production of knowledge?” However, the overarching issue

  • Tectonic Activity

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    liquid magma deep inside the earth. The plate tectonic theory was first proposed in 1915 by a man named Alfred Wegener, who was one of the first to identify that the continents of earth look like they fit together in a jig saw puzzle, but what separates him is the fact he suggested that the earth had separated over a period of time, introducing the future theory of plates. As Wegener had no explanation of why the earth's crust had separated many geologists turned against his ideas, these