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  • Investigating Air Resistance

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    Investigating Air Resistance We are trying to investigate the effect of air resistance to the speed of a trolley moving down a ramp in relation to the area of a sail attached to the trolley. The prediction I have made is that the larger the sail area, the longer the trolley will take to descend, i.e. it will be slower. The variable I will be changing is the height of the sail, and so, the area of the sail. Some variables cannot be changed, but may affect the result of the experiment

  • Air Resistance on a Fan Car

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    Air Resistance on a Fan Car Problem: When a large fan is blowing air against the fan car at three different speeds (high, medium, and low), then will the overall speed be lowered? Materials: · Fan car (K’NEX pieces, small, battery-powered fan, wheels with tires) · AA batteries · Large 3-speed fan · Timer · Masking tape Process: 1. Load two AA batteries into the fan that is attached to the K’NEX car. 2. Mark a starting line and a finish line two meters away from each other with

  • Air Resistance, Tyres And Friction

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    narrow. This is so a minimum of air resistance or drag affects the dragster with lower drag better acceleration an in turn a better top speed can be achieved all leading to a better pass (race time). Now lets try to understand the concept of air resistance and drag. A basic example is placing your hand out the window with your palm facing forwards as you are driving your car along at about sixty kilometres per hour. You will feel a strong force of the wind (air resistance) pushing back at your hand.

  • Escape

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    leader of the resistance in Dorado. She is in her early thirties. She is a tall, slim woman with long red hair. There is a bounty for her head. The other character is Matt. He is Milma's bodyguard. He is also in his early thirties. He is a build tall man with short, curly blond hair. It is Matt's responsibility to protect and safely get her out of Dorado.Plot Summary1. The spy leader breaks out of a maximum-security prison.2. After you escape you hide in a barn and meet Milma the resistance leader, her

  • Antibiotics Essay

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    . Many doctors and patients are unaware that antibiotics are designed to treat bacterial infections, not viral infections (Antibiotic resistance, N.D.). Many bacteria within our bodies are not harmful at all, and some of them actually provide health benefits. The bacteria that are harmful are disease-causing bacteria, which generate sicknesses such as strep throat, the common cold, and ear infections (Get, 2013). Viruses are smaller than bacteria and require hosts, such as plants or animals, in order

  • Drug Resistance Rising Among Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Cases

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    Drug Resistance Rising Among Mycobacterium tuberculosis Cases Abstract Drug resistance has been increasing among patients infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Previous miracle drugs that were used in the 1950s have now been proven useless in many cases simply because the bacteria are not susceptible to antibiotics such as isoniazid, rifampin, pyrazinamide, etc. when they are taken. This pathogen is easily transmitted through air and has the capability of attacking the respiratory system

  • The Causes and Treatments for Nosocomial Infection

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    Nosocomial infection is a disease which affects 1 in 10 patients within 48 hours, 3 days of discharge or 30 days of operation. In this modern era of antibiotics, it continues to remain as important consequences of hospitalizalition. Rather than providing public health and hospital care, infections continue to develop in patients and staff. Nosocomial infection is an infection that is not present or incubating when patient is admitted to a hospital. This article summaries clinical aspects, causes

  • Investigating How the Length of the Wire Affects the Resistance of the Current Passing Through Wire

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    of the Wire Affects the Resistance of the Current Passing Through Wire Aim For this experiment, my aim is to investigate how the length of the wire affects the resistance of the current passing through the wire. Hypothesis and Scientific Knowledge When electric current passes through a conductor, there is always a resistance against it. The resistance varies between different types of materials. Although all metals are conductors, some have a higher resistance than the other. For example

  • resistance in denmark

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    his ill-gotten gains. The Danish resisters took the offensive against German occupying forces. Through symbolic and cultural protests, they asserted their right to govern their own lives, and that strengthened public morale — which inspired bolder resistance. Through strikes, defiance at work sites, and damage to physical property, nonviolent resisters attacked the economic interests of the invaders. Through underground publishing, an alternate network of communication was established, to subvert the

  • Microorganisms found on the door handles

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    of these microorganisms are useful while others are harmful to the human beings. The harmful ones are normally treated or controlled by the use of antimicrobials against them. However, these microorganisms, usually develop drug resistance after some time, the drug resistance has been attributed to a number of ca...