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  • The AIDS Virus

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    State University, Fresno The AIDS Virus Alejandro Brambila Biology 1A Lab T/Th 11:00 AM Rakesh Krishna Kumar Spring 2014 Introduction: The reason behind choosing this topic is because of the enormous amount of people affected by the AIDS disease. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; it is the final stage of an HIV infection which targets the immune system of a person that will ultimately lead to an untimely death (What is AIDS, 2012). According to Centers

  • The Horror of AIDS Virus

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    Horror of AIDS Virus AIDS is a communicable disease that has the ability to damage the immune system. A communicable disease is a type of disease that can spread from a person to a person. The immune system is a structure that conducts several processes to prevent from getting a disease. “The origins of HIV date back to the late nineteenth or early twentieth century in west-central Africa. AIDS and its cause, HIV, were first identified and recognized in the early 1980s” (What Is AIDS... 1). AIDS is the

  • aids the killer virus

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    there are 40,000 new infections. In other words, one person is infected with AIDS every 13 minutes. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a deadly disease caused by a virus, which attacks the immune system. After that, it leaves the victim vulnerable to infections, malignancies, and neurological disorders; most of the cases end in death. This is a global problem, killing people between the ages of 15 to 19 years old. AIDS is one of the most dangerous diseases of humans; for this reason people,

  • The HIV & AIDS Virus

    2999 Words  | 12 Pages HIV and AIDS Activities - information from the FDA Office of Special Health Issues. Specialized Information Services Home Page - US National Library ... - ... Library of Medicine (NLM) is responsible for information resources and services in toxicology, environmental health, chemistry, HIV/AIDS, and specialized ... CDC-NCHSTP-Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention (DHAP) Home Page - ... CDC - Divisions of HIV / AIDS Prevention Home Page;

  • Affects of the AIDS Virus on the Family

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    Acquired Immune Deficiency better knows, as AIDS is a virus that is affecting families all over the Unites States today. In a statistical study done by the United States Department of Health and Human Services they reported that “633,000 people were diagnosed with AIDS in 1997 and 393,416 deaths from the virus were reported” (United States). Although AIDS is not a very highly contagious disease like chicken pox, measles, or the pink eye it affects a great number of people and their families in

  • The Media Influence of the AIDS Virus

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    Few modern health issues have received as much media interest and controversy as the AIDS virus. The AIDS virus was first named in 1981 to explain a collection of diseases that developed as a result of a compromised immune system. Individuals who were young and apparently healthy were showing signs of conditions that were typical of those with a severely depressed immune response. It was also noted, at the time, these conditions were limited to the gay community. As the disease became more prevalent

  • Origin and Evolution of the AIDS Virus

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    Introduction: A virus is an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat. It is too small to be seen by light microscopy and is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host. One virus that has received global attention over the last thirty years or so is the HIV/AIDS virus. This virus attacks the body’s immune system, which in turn stops the body’s ability to be able to fight off illness. Thus, people who contract HIV/AIDS are susceptible to death

  • Turning Points in History: The Aids Virus

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    The AIDS virus was a major turning point in world history. Contrary to popular belief, if a person gives blood to or recieves blood from a hospital or blood bank that person will not risk transmitting HIV, a.k.a. human immunodeficiency virus and that person does not risk transmitting AIDS, a.k.a. acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. In addition, “It is now generally accepted that HIV is a descendent of a Simian Immunodeficiency Virus because certain strains of SIVs bear a very close resemblance to

  • Past and Current Trends of Drug Abuse in the United States

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    crack has increased. Many people avoided the use of crack because of the harmful chemicals used in creating the drug. One of the reasons why crack became popular is because of not needing to inject the drug hence less risks of being infected by the AIDS virus. Carroll (2000) states cocaine is the most powerful stimulant of natural origin. Most users snort or inject the drug to enable a quicker “high.” Cocaine use brings on many health problems. Fatal complications occur from regular use, for example

  • Stereotyping in Society

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    advertisement for using protection during sex to help the fight against the spread of AIDS. The commercial starts out talking about how African Americans represent the leaders of sports because they have the best basketball players, leaders in baseball, and have the fastest track runners. Then at the end of the commercial they say that they are also leading the population of the United States in being diagnosed with the AIDS virus. When I saw the commercial I didn't really know where it was going and it is