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  • The Australian Film Industry And The Australian Film Industry

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    The Australian Film Industry has been around since October 1896. The first full length feature film, in 1906 was ‘The Story of the Kelly Gang’. Australian Cinema has only become a much larger industry in like past 10 years with ‘Sanctum’ being Australia’s 10th largest film in the US Box Office history with its exceptional 3D technology and exquisite photography. ‘The Sapphires’ which also had a strong impact on Australian viewers did not reach the capacity of gross making in the US Box Office. The

  • Compare And Contrast The Hunger Games And The Maze Runner

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    Runner the characters are exactly who you expected them to be, they are not different than other movies in the same genre. The Hunger Games is not the typical action, love movie that we see in today’s society. In each scene viewers are surprised about actions of the characters. However, The Maze Runner is your typical action, sci-fi film. The action of the characters are very expected because they are typically seen in other movies of the same genre. Overall, The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner are very

  • Gone With The Wind Movie Analysis

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    1. Griffith introduces the birth of a nation by telling a story of two families’ torn apart due to the war. The birth of a nation was a melodrama film. Two families the Cameron’s and the Stoneman’s were leading characters in this film. This film leads to the reconstruction of the Ku Klux Klan. Griffith put together a love story and a war all in one. The birth of a nation showed how the outbreak of the war turned brothers against brothers. Northern and southern families were forced to sacrifice their

  • Fast And Furious 7 Analysis

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    Fast and Furious 7, a multilayered, mass mayhem, is an action packed and triumphant film directed by James Wan, written by Chris Morgan and starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson and several other actors. Throughout the past fifteen years of a devoted series, it has advanced from a basic low-budget movie about a couple of young adult street racers into an intercontinental law-breaking epic covering multiple continents and more than a dozen characters to partake. The scenes are increasingly

  • Australia, by Baz Luhrmann

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    song, a music item, a film, a play, a dance, anything that the author may imagine. But each form is unique and one and the same story told using different forms will look different. Sometimes a bad story in verses may look perfect in a dance and vice versa. The form in which a story told is important, because it can highlight those important features, which another form may avoid. Speaking about the film by Baz Luhrmann “Australia”, I cannot but mention the importance of the film-form of it. This epic

  • Melodrama

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    There are many debates in Film Studies over what films count as melodramas. Film scholar Steve Neale’s essay, “Melodrama and the Woman’s film,” describes the paradigm shift that melodrama has experienced from the Silent era to the 70’s. On the other hand, Christine Gledhill’s essay, “Rethinking Genre” and “The Melodramatic Field: An Investigation,” suggest that melodrama is just a mode and, not, in fact, a genre. While Thomas Elsaesser’s essay “Tales of Sound and Fury: Observations on The Family

  • The contemporary Hollywood blockbuster is not so much a film as a dev

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    of blockbuster films to significant advantage in film merchandising. Along with the use of mass merchandising as a form of marketing films, with the hope of creating awareness among the public. As merchandising has become one of the most lucrative ‘arenas’ for Hollywood Studios to earn a profit. Many blockbuster films today come with novelisations of the films story to toy action figures. This is because the contemporary Hollywood blockbusters, in industry terms are high concept films. These are movies

  • Film Analysis: Sunset Boulevard

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    categorized as a drama, I believe it could be labeled a suspense/film-noir film as well. There are certain characteristics about the way the film was shot and edited that is similar to other suspense films. This film leaves the audience with a feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement mixed with apprehension, tension, and anxiety; that is only developed by the unpredictable and mysterious things that happen throughout the film. I think this is a psychological drama with some horror and some

  • Analysis Of Shakespeare In Love

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    The film Shakespeare In Love is a very complex but straightforward plot. Where William Shakespeare was mandated to compose a play right at the moment when his imagination was minimal. Frustrated and looking for inspiration, he met a beautiful lady with the name of Viola de Lessups bumping his creativity giving birth to the so famous play “Romeo and Juliet.” The set of the events along with the actions Shakespeare and Viola take and the reactions they produce form the narrative of the film a long

  • The Piano

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    Poignant and profound, the film The Piano lingers hauntingly in the mind well after the final credits have closed. Written and directed by Jane Campion, The Piano touches on several moral and controversial issues, such as the portrayal of love and eroticism, the forced assimilation of natives during colonisation and the role of women in nineteenth century society. Many of Campion’s films focus on similar themes and ideas, garnering critical as well as financial success and making her a renowned and