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  • Blaxploitation Analysis

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    Unlike with films of the LA Rebellion, Blaxploitation offered a portrayal of Black life that was entirely hyperbolic and often fictionalized to pull in Black audiences from poorer areas, who could not afford a television. With the insurgence of television in White American households, the movie theater was deemed a thing of the past. Families stopped going to films on a weekly basis because they had the much smaller and more convenient box at home. This prompted Hollywood to take on a more interesting

  • Essay On James Cameron

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    Introduction James Francis Cameron, who was born on August 16, 1954 in Ontario, Canada, is a famous film director, producer, screenwriter and editor. He is good at shooting action films and science-fiction films. Titanic and Avatar are the two most famous films directed by him. His father Phillip Cameron is an engineer and mother Shirley Cameron is an artist. In the next content I will stalk the career of James Cameron and his influence to society according to the social media he uses. Biography

  • Reading Response

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    In chapter five of Suitably Modern, Mark Liechty discusses the action of “doing fashion” and how it affects the middle class and consumption in Kathmandu. Chapter five poses the question; what is new and what is not? This concerns the class distinctions and if modernization is actually occurring. The middle class in Kathmandu is claiming its own domain through clothing and ostracizing themselves. The author deems this action as adornment he defines it by stating, “It is used to set individuals and

  • Analysis Of The Movie Deadpool

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    Deadpool is one of my favorite movies because of the level of action/violence, the sound effects/special effect and the good acting in the movie. My first criteria was the action/ violence in Deadpool, which by the way was exciting and spectacular. First off the opening

  • Waiting for the Next Episode of The Walking Dead

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    million dollars and is based on a book by the same title, written by Max Brooks ("World War Z (2013)"; Fleming Jr.). World War Z has all the makings of a good action film. World War Z is about a zombie apocalypse and the fight to keep the human race alive. Some may believe the movie is considered a horror film, but it is “marketed as an action flick’ (Harrison). When the trailers were shown prior to the release of World War Z, they did not give any hints that the “Z” stood for zombies (Harrison). And

  • How The Popularity of Personal Televisions Affected Filmmaking

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    the 1950’s, specific elements were employed by the film industry to bring the audience back to the movie theater such as film innovations, marketing gimmicks and adult-themed movies. In order to compete with television, the production code changed as film studios began releasing films to theaters that would show films that were not approved by the Production Code Administration (PCA). American cultural and social tensions were reflected in films of this time as risqué topics were being more openly

  • A Comparison of Of Mice and Men and Goldeneye

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    A Comparison of Of Mice and Men and Goldeneye The two films Of Mice and Men and Goldeneye are very different in plot, but in structure they share many similarities. Many filming techniques are apparent in the opening scenes of both films; the establishment of the hero, the use of soundtrack, colour imagery, camera angles and sympathetic background. In Goldeneye the hero is James Bond (Also Known As 007). We first meet him running along the top of a very high dam. It was very dramatic

  • Analysis Catch Me If You Can

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    Catch Me If You Can is an extremely compelling film, filled with humor, suspense, and numerous twists and turns that will keep one's eyes fixed at the screen from the beginning to the end, and one that I had really enjoyed as well. The producers of the film had more than successfully portrayed the true life story in a way that manages to captivate audience as well as express the shrewdness of the actual Frank Abegnale in real life. From this movie, one can learn that sometimes mischievous and impetuous

  • André Bazin: Film Critic Extraordinaire

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    explains the relationship between the filmed image and... ... middle of paper ... ...more absorbed into the film. As one watches a car crash it is not, in fact realistic that one stays seated in a chair. Even though the movement will not be able to recreate any of the effects that should go along with this example of a car crash, and luckily so, it will enhance the experience of seeing action bound mise en scenes. So the question remains: what applications does Bazin's work have in today's cinema?

  • Global Peace Reflection

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    thoughts four and a half months ago, I had no idea that the Global Peace Film Festival (GPFF) and our Peace Through Film class would have such an impact on my mindset and motivations. Because of my previous involvement in the Sydney Film Festival (SFF), I had a small inkling of what the GPFF would be like, but I was not prepared for the effect it would have on my attitude. Additionally, it was incredibly refreshing to be introduced to film writing, which was previously a foreign subject to me. Although I