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  • How to Train Your Dragon

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    “How to Train Your Dragon” – something everybody would want to learn, especially if one could train a Night Fury. Set in the mythical world of muscular Vikings and almighty dragons, this animated comedic action movie narrates about how the unlikely friendship between a Viking teenager, Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) and a dragon changes his life (Dragon, 2010). The main setting of this movie is the island Berk, home of the Viking warriors for seven generations. They are tough and every one of them

  • Scapegoats for Society

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    have to try even harder to push the limits. One might ask, “Why do film makers try to surprise audiences with more “offensive” content in movies?" They continue to make movies more graphic because that is what will make money. Even if action movies don’t have much of a presence in the top ten highest grossing movies of all time, a good action movie will generally more than break even. Whether the customers are bloodthirsty action movie fans, or censorship advocates watching just to see what filth

  • The Importance Of Female Characters

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    as building blocks for the development and expansion of our culture.” (Kurtz, 2013) Lead female roles took on a stronger action role; no longer are the princesses waiting in the tower now they are rescuing Prince Charming. Today’s female action heroine is nothing like her former incarnations. Even Rothman notes that Hollywood has gone “heroine chic” and today’s female action star is smarter and stronger than any “totalitarian regimes”. She is without fear, but is still a woman at heart who has

  • Language is Power—Sexist Patriarchal Power

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    women with our words. The way we speak, either actively or passively, gives the connotation of male or female, strong or weak. We see men as naturally masculine and thus, by Johnson’s definition, active; they are always clear subjects taking distinct actions (an active sentence for the active male). Conversely, we see women as feminine, therefore passive; they never... ... middle of paper ... ...ejudice. Philadelphia: Running Press Book Publisher’s, 2006. 13-34. Print. Johnson, Allen G. The Gender

  • The Film Analysis Of Ford's Romantic Action Western Film

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    The film is beautifully shot in black and white, using Ford’s trademark of great depth of field that visually displays the stunning geography, combined with chiaroscuro lighting by cinematographer Joseph MacDonald and edited by Dorothy Spencer. The film has a wonderful film noir quality, moody, and dramatic night shots. By dawn, the camera captures the magnificent desert landscape that seems tailored made for Ford’s romantic action western film. Enhanced by the musical direction by Alfred Newman

  • The Action Film That’s Almost as Good as the Classics

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    The Hurt Locker is an excellent movie. To start with, it gives us a very rare view of a soldier’s life in Iraq. The movie depicts a United States explosive ordnance disposal team in Iraq. The movie takes place during the last 38 days of their tour. The movie shows how war is cruel but also exciting. For the most part, the movie is realistic minus a few discrepancies for theatrical suspense. These discrepancies are what make the movie a -B instead of an A in my opinion. The discrepancies start with

  • The Effect of Temperature on the Action of Protease on Photographic Film

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    The Effect of Temperature on the Action of Protease on Photographic Film Aim: to show the effect of temperature on the action of protease on photographic film Prediction: I predict that as the temperature of the enzyme increases, so will the rate of reaction. However, I only predict this until a certain temperature and beyond perhaps 60(optimum temperature) the enzyme will stop working as well and both the enzyme and the substrate will become slightly deformed. As the temperature rises

  • The influence of action movie

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    movie because one of the favorite activities in their leisure time. Following the development of film industry, more and more film genres appear. There are about 10 main movie genres. They include action, adventure, comedy, drama, historical, horror, musicals, science fiction, war and westerns. Each kind of movie will has its distinctive characteristics to let people distinguish it and others. Action movie usually has a lot of non-stop motion and physical stunts. It adopts the technique of battles

  • John Woo

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    John Woo The bread-and-butter of the film industry is the action movie. Each summer, audiences can expect to see car chases, gunfights and explosions, and studios can expect to see millions and millions of dollars in return. Though most viewers and critics see these movies as "fluff" entertainment (and rightfully so), there is one director that puts as much heart and soul into his "fluff" as any number of talented directors put into their "serious" movies. His name is John Woo. Even though you

  • Comparing the Opening Sequence of The Italian Job (1969) and the Opening Sequence of The Italian Job (2003)

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    Mark Wahlberg and Seth Green. Again this was a huge success and introduced the film to a new generation. The opening sequence is a very important one as it gives the viewer a feel for the movie and what’s to be expected from the film. Keep in mind that the remake did not follow the original storyline but brought the original more into the twenty-first century. Both films rest in the Action/Crime Genre and both films manage to keep a sense of humour. In the 1969 version the first thing you see