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  • Academic Attitude

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    Academic Attitude During the course of a student's progression through academia, he must learn that the teacher cannot think for him. It is essential for a student to free his mind, allowing thought to flow. Instead of waiting for the answers to be handed to him on a silver platter, he will rise to his full potential, above to the meta level, and for himself, determine what the answer is. The student must also become active in his learning. Therefore taking his academic potential to the higher

  • Alcohol on Academics

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    didn't work properly? When alcohol is inputted into the brain, it induces many output actions such as; impaired judgment, extreme emotion, and slowed behavior (Alcohol and its effects). Not only are the short term effects enough to side track any academic student, but the long term effects could have serious implications on your life. Long-term effects include damage in cognitive behavior, difficulty in learning new material, deficits in abstraction, problem solving, and reduced visuospatial abilities

  • Academic Time Management

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    Academic Time Management With every new experience come challenges, and anxieties that can be overwhelming if they are not handled and dealt with in a reasonable way. Beginning college is certainly no exception. Stress takes many forms, most notably in the academic sense, as exams, papers, and various projects and assignments. Making the grade is an important aspect of many college students, and the best way of getting good grades without sacrificing all aspects of a social life is effective

  • high academic standards

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    An Avenue to High Academic Standards In her article “An Avenue to High Academic Standards,” Lynn Olson argues that “A prominent misconception surrounding school-to-work is that it downplays intellectual achievement,” and that “school-to-work can encourage young people to pursue education and training beyond high school.” A school-to-work program enables a student to go to a regular school and attend classes just like any other regular high school student, but they are also required to attend additional

  • Academic and Spiritual Success

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    Academic and Spiritual Success Talents, experiences, achievements, unique points of view - these qualities help determine whether or not applicants find success at college and whether or not they are ready to deal with the responsibility of independent living and the rigors of academia. Not surprisingly, these are the same requisite qualities needed to lead a successful life. I am certain that I possess these qualities and can meaningfully contribute to undergraduate student life at the university

  • Academic and Vocational Integration

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    Academic and Vocational Integration The integration of academic and vocational education, mandated through the 1990 Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act and supported by the 1994 School-to-Work Opportunities Act, is a concept that has been interpreted and implemented in a variety of ways. As a result, its role in school reform and its effectiveness in modifying curriculum content, teaching practices, and school structure to enhance student preparation for work have

  • Academic Cheating

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    Academic knowledge is the basis on which future prosperity, and financial security has been determined. As a consequence, students feel inclined to perform above average in school. Now, as students perform less and less, they sink to obtain good grades by cheating. This method to acquire the desired grades will only harm the student, instead of the imagined result. Prompted by a child’s inability to perform basic tasks throughout his education , academic cheating spawns numerous negative consequences

  • Writing the Academic Essay

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    Writing the Academic Essay For many high school students, the academic essay is an unforgiving monster that terrorizes their campus, a nightmarish beast that can rip the heart out of G.P.A.'s and dash all hopes for college admission. Yet, others tame this friend with ease, bending its cruel will to theirs as if it was nothing, as if they possessed a secret weapon. Well, guess what? They do! Successful essayists succeed because they are armed with the exact knowledge of what an essay is and how

  • Academic Relevancy

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    Academic Relevancy Meeting the educational needs of all students is a challenging task for educators. This task is intensified when the student has learning, and/or physical disabilities. A learning disability is defined as "any of various conditions, thought to be associated with the nervous system, that cause difficulty in mastering a basic skill such as reading" (Wordsmyth, 2000). A physical disability is defined as "the condition or state of incapacity, esp. as caused by an injury, congenital

  • Academic, Personal, Career, And Academic Goals

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    following two semesters? Address the goals that are relevant to you in the academic, personal, and career realm. What does it mean to you to achieve these goals? Why do want to major in __________? What opportunities will your completing this academic degree will be available to you? Who can help you make your career and or academic decisions? My immediate short-term goal for this semester and the following semesters for my academic career is to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in every subject which currently