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  • The Importance Of Academic And Academic Success

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    Being a successful student and achieving continued academic success is fundamental in order to complete an associate degree and become a successful professional. College is challenging, but it can be a rewarding growth experience and easier when setting up goals. Having educational and career goals helps students keep the focus and motivation. Besides, having knowledge of different learning styles can help students learn about themselves and increase efficiency while studying. Writing skills learned

  • Academic

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    2. Develop a Project Feasibility Reports • Economic Feasibility • Technical Feasibility • Operational Feasibility From requirements collected from analysis it was established that Gawler sport club will be granted $5000 from the government but the owner of the sport club want to spend an extra money for installing database management system. Because the owner is willing to spend extra money he grant 4000 more for complete project. This money are for buying new computers, database software, new

  • Academic Stressure And Academic Pressure

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    case especially during final exams. Academic performance and grades throughout your college career can have large stressful impact on you. I identify academic performance pressure as a stressor simply because coursework is not only demanding but the competition for earning top marks and remaining on the dean’s list and receiving good grades is fierce. B. There are many problems associated with academic pressure on the college level. Consistently poor academic performance and grade on midterms and

  • Academic, Personal, Career, And Academic Goals

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    following two semesters? Address the goals that are relevant to you in the academic, personal, and career realm. What does it mean to you to achieve these goals? Why do want to major in __________? What opportunities will your completing this academic degree will be available to you? Who can help you make your career and or academic decisions? My immediate short-term goal for this semester and the following semesters for my academic career is to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in every subject which currently

  • Academic Counseling

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    in meeting his or her academic and future career goals. One important aspect of this education includes academic advising. This aspect is a critical part in a student’s education, because it plays an important role in supporting student’s achievement, in particular with helping students reach their potential (Drake, Jordan, Miller, 2013, pg. 44). Academic advising also impacts over half of the students so much that these students stated that their primary source of academic and career guidance comes

  • My Academic Strengths And Academic Weaknesses

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    When it comes to my schoolwork, I tend to be extremely conscientious, diligent, and ambitious. A few of my academic strengths are my organizational skills and ability to think critically. A weakness that I have is test taking; while taking tests I become nervous, and forget the information. I become upset with myself if I earn a C on a test or in a class. Then I consider what I could have done differently to receive a higher grade and apply it to future assignments. I react this way when it

  • Academic Integrity

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    Writing English compositions is a fundamental part of college academics in the U.S. In most classes, students can expect to have to write a paragraph or an essay at some point. Just like exams, instructors use a student’s writing to evaluate his or her knowledge about a particular topic. When grading an essay they do not simply look at how clearly a student expresses their ideas, they also make sure that the ideas are authentic. This means that students must avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is using

  • Academic Argument

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    go largely unmeasured"(Achieve, 2013). With the current "No Child Left Behind Act" schools are now being forced to prove that the diploma received at graduation actually has value in the real world by proving that these students are able to meet academic proficiency thresholds. While some people question the use of tests as part of states’ graduation requirements, the need for higher high school exit expectations should be clear because the cost of poor high school preparation to students and

  • Academic Integurity: The Importance Of Academic Integrity

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    Academic Integrity Many students don’t know much of an impact dishonesty can make in their lives. Teachers are emphatic towards students about being able to show academic integrity. In order for students to truly avoid academic dishonesty they must first understand what academic integrity is and is not, know what usually causes academic dishonesty, and understand why academic integrity is important. Academic Integrity is a academic code meaning that students must show honesty and responsibility

  • Academic Dishonesty

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    information for academic papers and projects. In 2014 things are very different, now students have the World Wide Web and instant access to more information than any library could ever hold. However, this endless well of information has led to, not a new problem, but a rapidly growing one with today’s college student—academic dishonesty. When it comes to academic honesty it seems that the lines have blurred and many scholars seem even view it as a gray area. To understand why academic dishonesty is