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  • Academic Attitude

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    Academic Attitude During the course of a student's progression through academia, he must learn that the teacher cannot think for him. It is essential for a student to free his mind, allowing thought to flow. Instead of waiting for the answers to be handed to him on a silver platter, he will rise to his full potential, above to the meta level, and for himself, determine what the answer is. The student must also become active in his learning. Therefore taking his academic potential to the higher

  • Academic Time Management

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    Academic Time Management With every new experience come challenges, and anxieties that can be overwhelming if they are not handled and dealt with in a reasonable way. Beginning college is certainly no exception. Stress takes many forms, most notably in the academic sense, as exams, papers, and various projects and assignments. Making the grade is an important aspect of many college students, and the best way of getting good grades without sacrificing all aspects of a social life is effective

  • high academic standards

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    An Avenue to High Academic Standards In her article “An Avenue to High Academic Standards,” Lynn Olson argues that “A prominent misconception surrounding school-to-work is that it downplays intellectual achievement,” and that “school-to-work can encourage young people to pursue education and training beyond high school.” A school-to-work program enables a student to go to a regular school and attend classes just like any other regular high school student, but they are also required to attend additional

  • Academic and Spiritual Success

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    Academic and Spiritual Success Talents, experiences, achievements, unique points of view - these qualities help determine whether or not applicants find success at college and whether or not they are ready to deal with the responsibility of independent living and the rigors of academia. Not surprisingly, these are the same requisite qualities needed to lead a successful life. I am certain that I possess these qualities and can meaningfully contribute to undergraduate student life at the university

  • Academic Cheating

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    Academic knowledge is the basis on which future prosperity, and financial security has been determined. As a consequence, students feel inclined to perform above average in school. Now, as students perform less and less, they sink to obtain good grades by cheating. This method to acquire the desired grades will only harm the student, instead of the imagined result. Prompted by a child’s inability to perform basic tasks throughout his education , academic cheating spawns numerous negative consequences

  • Academic, Personal, Career, And Academic Goals

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    following two semesters? Address the goals that are relevant to you in the academic, personal, and career realm. What does it mean to you to achieve these goals? Why do want to major in __________? What opportunities will your completing this academic degree will be available to you? Who can help you make your career and or academic decisions? My immediate short-term goal for this semester and the following semesters for my academic career is to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in every subject which currently

  • Academic Integurity: The Importance Of Academic Integrity

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    Academic Integrity Many students don’t know much of an impact dishonesty can make in their lives. Teachers are emphatic towards students about being able to show academic integrity. In order for students to truly avoid academic dishonesty they must first understand what academic integrity is and is not, know what usually causes academic dishonesty, and understand why academic integrity is important. Academic Integrity is a academic code meaning that students must show honesty and responsibility

  • Academic Learning: The Benefits Of Academic Education

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    even when I wanted to. Said a mother of six who is a high school dropout. Her life dream is to send all her six children to university such that they have a better life that she never had. This mother knows the academic learning form books and professors is beneficial in life. First, academic learning form books and professors allows the brain to grow tremendously. At the university the students are exposed to various theoretical problems and real life examples and they learn how to solve these before

  • Academic Integrity

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    cheating. Most academic dishonesty occurs not because of immorality, but because desperation sets in. I know better than anyone what that feels like, especially when it is a matter of passing or failing a class. However, it takes a truly honest and responsible person to preserve academic integrity when cheating and plagiarism are readily available. Although there are several definitions for academic integrity, to me academic

  • Academic Dishonesty

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    information for academic papers and projects. In 2014 things are very different, now students have the World Wide Web and instant access to more information than any library could ever hold. However, this endless well of information has led to, not a new problem, but a rapidly growing one with today’s college student—academic dishonesty. When it comes to academic honesty it seems that the lines have blurred and many scholars seem even view it as a gray area. To understand why academic dishonesty is

  • Academic Dishonesty

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    In the past decade, professors across the country have noticed an alarming new trend—academic dishonesty is on the rise. More than half of college students surveyed admit to at least one instance of serious cheating in the past year (McCabe and Pavela). Information is incredibly easy to access on the Internet, and devices such as iPhones put that power, literally, into the palms of students’ hands. Many students entering universities today face extraordinary amounts of pressure for results academically

  • Analysis of Academic Dishonesty

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    Abstract The easier, softer way is not the road less traveled. In this paper, I plan to use myself as a case study for a look inside the mind of a cheater. I will start out with a definition of academic dishonesty given by our school and hope to go through some valid excuses used by people who cheat. I will also look at how further complications and confusion arises by students and teachers perception of themselves and their role in the problem. I will address the changing culture and how

  • Academic Discourse

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    community is as yet undefined; it does however require a set of specific characteristics, which allow the term to be narrowed until the point when many competing notions are eliminated. It is more a set of ideas, relating to the world of research and academic writing. There are many uncertainties surrounding the qualities and characteristics of a discourse community, many of which rise from a lack of definition. The following research is aimed at reducing confusion by identifying complex ideas and breaking

  • Academic Intent

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    Statement of Academic Intent After scrutinizing my interests, past B.Sc. and M.Sc. educations, work experiences and final ambition, I have decided to pursue a PhD in Computer Science, in my field of interest which is Health Informatics and Big Data, which will lead me to a research career of data analyst. I have described my academic background, research interests and career goals in this essay. The undergraduate program of "Computer Engineering – Software" at the Azad University of Tehran, Iran

  • Academic Practitioners

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    How Practitioners Can Use Academic Work in their Areas of Expertise Research is an essential component of many academic programs, from undergraduate to doctoral degrees. The widespread incorporation of research courses into numerous academic programs at all levels is testament to the essentiality of research skills and the subsequent benefits of becoming an effective researcher. It is true that if research was not a requirement and a critical part of higher education learning, there would be a high

  • Ensure Technical and Academic Rigor of Programs

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    Ensure Technical and Academic Rigor of Programs Effective career and technical education programs clearly articulate course outcomes and align content with national or state occupational skill standards. These standards, endorsed by business and industry, are designed to prepare students with skills that reflect job market requirements and address all aspects of the industry, not just skills required for single jobs. Curricula developed around these standards offer teachers a variety of strategies

  • Academic Effects of Active Parental Involvement

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    Academic Effects of Active Parental Involvement Findings demonstrate that parent involvement in a child’s learning is positively related to their achievement. The first teachers of our children are the adults in the home. This is where the children learn their attitudes and values that are engraved in them for the remainder of their lives. When families as a whole participate, in children’s education in positive ways, there are noticeable changes in the child’s test scores, attendance records

  • The Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP)

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    Pedagogical classroom instruction as a means to social change: The Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP) The Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP) is a groundbreaking approach to ensuring the language and literacy acquisition of speakers of non-standard varieties in parts of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Headed by former speech pathologist Dr. Noma LeMoine, AEMP is a response to an article entitled, “The Children Can No Longer Wait: An Action Plan to End Low Achievement and Establish

  • Education, Academic Intelligence, and Personal Experience

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    Education, Academic Intelligence, and Personal Experience Education not only revolves around academic intellect, but also around experiences one comes across in life. It is clearly evident that all living creatures, with human beings being the highest form, have evolved throughout history up until now, solely by learning or being educated in order to survive. For example, from the moment a baby comes into the world, the infant tries to acquaint him or herself to the environment maybe by

  • Intelligence Used for Academic Success

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    abilities? Do they know how to use their intelligences in order to improve understanding of a material that they have to study? Achieving academic goals is impossible without recognizing those strengths. As for me, the three strongest abilities that I possess are spatial, interpersonal and linguistic intelligence, and using them helps me to survive in academic jungle. Spatial is one of the intelligences that help me be a better learner. Since I’ m a visual type, it is helpful for me to drew pictures