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    The word ‘reflection’ has more than one meaning. In physics, when a surface doesn’t absorb light, heat, sound, etc, but bounces it off instead, it is called reflection. When you stand in front of a mirror or a surface of water, you find yourself looking back at you. This phenomenon is also called reflection. On a mental level, reflection can be termed as a process of serious thought or contemplation. Reflection is always related to thoughts and feelings about incidents or actions in the past. In simple terms, reflection is nothing but introspection ie examination of one’s thoughts and emotions.

    Reflection in Physics

    Let us study the reflection of light to understand about laws of reflection in physics. There are two laws of reflection: a) The incident ray, the reflected ray, and the normal to the reflecting interface at the point of incidence all lie in the same plane. b)The angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. A ray of light that falls on the mirror is called incident ray. The ray of light that bounces off the surface of the mirror is called reflected ray. And, normal is a line perpendicular to the surface of the mirror. The angle between incident ray and normal is angle of incidence whereas the angle between reflected ray and normal is angle of reflection.

    Reflection is often confused with reminiscences of the past. It is not just a recall of memory but an analysis of one’s thoughts around it. People often reflect on their past decisions that have played a huge role in shaping their current lives. In a business environment, performance reviews of an employee or a company is a process of reflection on how the individual or the organization has fared in the past year.

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    Reflective Journal June 23 2015. Jayme Mannix What? On my third week of clinical shifts, I was able to spend the day in the operating room watching surgeries. The doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists were all very informative. I was in awe watching the anesthesiologists and surgeons do their work. My mind was going a mile-a-minute as I tried to follow everything that was going on. Near the end of the day during the last surgery, at around 1430h, I looked over at the anesthesiologist who seemed

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    I do not know if my writing skills have improved much in the weeks of taking the class. From my experience in school I have been a decent enough writer that my grades were above average. In middle school and high school English was always one of the more easy to grasp classes. I have always had an easier time with English than most of the other subjects in school. Getting a decent grade in this English class has not been hard to do. It has been a good challenge to do some of the assignments but

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    Upon reviewing and looking at the my time spent on this community service project with the organization, Interfaith, I am pleased to say that I received both a positive outlook not only on our community, but the United States as a whole. There is an optimistic approach to which Interfaith works that gives you a sense that maybe this country is moving in the right direction towards a more “happier” and agreeable society of people. I have learned quite a lot about how an organization and group of people

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    As a teacher, I believe that all students are teachable and that my teaching has a direct impact on their learning. I know that I will have some successful lessons and some ineffective lessons. Therefore, it is essential that I use reflective teaching. Reflective teaching means that I am constantly collecting, recording, and analyzing my strengths and weaknesses in the classroom. A good way of doing this is to create a teacher diary to write in regularly and/or create student surveys. So after

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    Reflection involves stages of critically analysing experiences of practice in order to elucidate, examine, assess, and so inform learning about practice (Reid, 1993). Boyd and Fayles (1983) conceptualised reflective learning as the skills acquired by an individual to internally inspect and investigate an area of concern that is most likely provoked by an experience to generate and explain its meaning in relations of self, which may lead to an outcome of an improved theoretical perception. Both of

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    This reflective report presents the important elements that I have encountered over the course of my studies at Brighton while undertaking my MSc in Public Service degree. Together with the important elements, the reflective report describes the experiences I have gone through as a student and further provides an evaluation of the experiences. Most importantly, it is apt to indicate that most of the knowledge and skills acquired in the course has been a result of interactions with my environment

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    Reflective Paper What makes life so invigorating is not solely coming to the finale of one’s journey, but rather, it is the journey itself. It is the experiences of the extreme highs and lows, mountains and valleys, and rivers of live that must be championed in order to achieve one’s personal goals that make all of the difference. This degree program is indeed a journey; however it is one in which promises a great return of which serves as a tremendous benefit towards both this writers’ professional

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    This reflective essay will lay emphasis on one of the learning needs I have developed during my two week taster placement in hospital. Reflection helps an individual build upon their skills and makes room for self-criticism as he or she can contemplate upon actions and make relevant changes (Taylor, 2000). I will be applying the “What”, “So what” and “Now what” model of reflection by Driscoll (2000) in this piece of work because it is a more coherent and comprehensible approach to follow when writing

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    curiosity; it scared me. I couldn’t understand the big woman next to me, and she just pointed at an empty seat far from the others. Whispers and murmurs fogged up my mind as I sat down, but I was too tired to even listen. I was tired of being tired Reflective Essay 3 Minki Jang all the time. When it was all over, people just glanced, staring at me like I was some alien. And for some reason, it hurt me inside. The next few weeks went slow with the other kids picking