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  • Online Community

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    Online Community What is an online community and who is a part of it? Online community is a community where people communicate, exchange information, and make business through the internet access. It's the community of all people who can afford to have a computer or have the ability to access the internet. The internet is easy, inexpensive, convenient to use and available to all. The internet has a low monthly fee that everyone can afford to access. Sometimes they even have free internet

  • Online Identity

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    redefining human identity as people explore the boundaries of their personalities, adopt multiple selves, and form online relationships that can be more intense than real ones? Is the World Wide Web redefining our sense of community and where we find our peers? The answer is simple. An individual should not use a false identity to produce a life on the Internet. They should also avoid using an online life to influence their identity in real life. Gender swapping is one way which the Internet has the ability

  • Online Shopping

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    Online shopping is becoming more popular with Canadians. For retailers, the implications are considerable. New strategies for attracting customers are being deployed by retailers that integrate ecommerce into their 'traditional' retail businesses. While retailers are benefitting from ecommerce business they must face on-going issues associated with utilizing ecommerce technology. Technology issues, security concerns and a rapidly growing industry are some of the challenges facing retailers

  • Online Education

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    Online Education There is little doubt that a more extensive on-line education system would benefit extremely overcrowded campuses like Cal State Northridge. Although short-term costs may deter colleges from implementing distance learning programs initially, many colleges could save money in the long run. With the technology available, universities should make more efforts to offer more on-line classes. Distance learning is becoming more and more prevalent across campuses and is likely to continue

  • Online Shopping: Online Vs. Traditional Shopping

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    Online vs. Traditional Shopping The verb to shop is defined as: to visit places where goods are sold in order to look at and buy things. As the internet usage is increasing, the way to shop is changing. Before, people had no choice but to visit the places where they wanted to but goods. Now, many people have begun to use online shopping as an alternative to traditional shopping, as defined above. Perceptions of online shopping differ between people though. If the person is a frequent technology user

  • America Online

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    providing the most convenient and easiest-to-use interactive service available. The company pioneered technologies such as keywords for simple navigation and the buddy-list feature to enable instant messaging by displaying member’s contacts who are online As the internet becomes more central to consumers daily lives, people are increasingly demanding ways, in addition to the PC, to access- anytime, any place- features and content they rely on.

  • The Advantages Of Shopping Online In Online Shopping In China

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    Nowadays too many people would rather shop online instead of walking in shop and there are more and more people starting their business online. So shopping online is becoming more and more popular in China. Most Chinese people like shopping online using Taobao, the biggest Chinese online shopping website, also a network platform like eBay and Amazon that has operated in China by Alibaba Group. TaoBao not only enable people shopping, but also relevant to people’s life. Such as people can buy many

  • Online Dating

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    Online Dating The Internet has always seemed like a completely separate world, very different from reality. There seemed to be so many endless possibilities. One is the new online dating craze, which has caught my attention a number of times. One rainy afternoon, curled up in a blanket at my computer chair, I decided to investigate it. I learned that as many of the baby-boomers start to become widowed or divorced, many are looking for mates, along with many others who are looking for companionship

  • Online Dating

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    context cues: Electronic mail in organizational communication. Management Science, 32, 1492-1512. Stanley, T. (2006). Online Dating Sites get Stood up by Consumers. Advertising Age, 77, 10. Turkle, S. (1995). Life on the Screen: Identity in the age of the Internet. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson. Whitty, M. and Carr, A. (2006). Cyberspace Romance: The Psychology of Online Relationships. New York, New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

  • Online Dating

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    A few years ago, I was given my first computer and was introduced to the World Wide Web, and America Online (AOL) chat rooms. It never occurred to me that I would meet someone online that I would consider being in a relationship with, nor talk to more than a few times. I thought wrong. In today's society where almost anything and everything is done online, online dating is not an uncommon or taboo thing to do anymore. There are numerous websites with billions of subscribers, who pay up to forty