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    “The brilliance of a man does not show, until he can show truth through pain and darkness. The issue with generation gaps is the information lapse.” Jordan Peele, Actor, Comedian, Producer, Writer, and Director, has kicked down the fourth wall of life and exposed it for what it is. A game. Peele, graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. He dropped out after two years, to form the alliance we know of today, Key and Peele. The comedy series ran from 2012-2015 and had ratings and some hilarious skits

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    Beyond Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness My entire education has taken place in the United States of America. It has consisted of public school, college, and graduate school. I only had one teacher during my public school career who wasn't white. I had a female African-American English teacher when I was in Junior High School. The student body of my junior high school was over ninety-percent black, yet our faculty was entirely white with the exception of two black teachers. So, during my

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    pushy about their rights? ---Homosexuality is a White thing. ---Africa did not have homosexuals before Europeans went there. ---Homosexuality is detrimental to the Black family. ~Kelly Brown Douglas As a Black male born in the early 80s, raised in the church, and being now an adult in the twenty-first century, I have had firsthand experiences of many of the plights worthy of exploration for this project. Having been introduced to God in the Black Baptist tradition,

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    Table of Contents 1. Introduction pg 1 2. Opening Conversation pg 4 3. About Creation pg 8 4. About Time pg 9 5. About Asking Questions and Expecting Answers pg 10 6. About Humanity pg 12 7. The Human Story: First Account Conversation #1 pg 13 8. About Ruling and Subduing pg 15 9. The Human Story: Second Account pg 17 10. Educating Adam: The Meaning of Work, Prayer and Guardianship pg 20 Conversation #2 pg 21 11. Integration, Perfection, and Names pg 25

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