Essay on The Topic Of 19th Century Literature

Essay on The Topic Of 19th Century Literature

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I wanted to explore the topic of 19th century literature. My search for journals to help me make this discovery, was a much more daunting task than I would have thought. This was made true based on two main facts. The first one was I was limited to journals, and the second was most articles on 19th century literature only hit the subject of literature indirectly. This was not enough to deter me. The challenge of it being limited to journals, also ensured the content was reliable. The indirectness of the articles gave me a chance to sharpen my ability to dig deep into the content to pull out the theme I searched for.
The first article was titled “Social Forces in the United States” by E. Hale. This article is showing the comparison of the American view of the book “Democracy” against the English view. There is a prevalent view in England, during this time that America’s form of democracy is headed for doom. There is also a firm belief in England that because they have read the book they are well versed in all thing United States of America.
One example of this is: “I found myself, a dozen times, obliged to make my English friends some very commonplace statements about American life. I found that those statements were sometimes challenged by people who have never been in the United States, and who, therefore, knew much more of my country than I do, who have lived there sixty years” .
While this article isn’t directly about the subject of literature. It is about the response of two countries to a very popular novel of its time. Another reason why it is significant, is the journal was written in 1883. So not only do you get to review a book of the 19th century, you also get the writing style of that century straight from the article....

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...yle of all writings to misrepresent all American history. This ranges from self-indulging in autobiographies to propaganda manipulation for political reasons. The article challenges anyone reading a historical document or account, to not rest alone on one document. Just like the writings of today, they can wildly misrepresent the truth.
“True perspective requires time and space, and neither historian nor editor can use material of the day in the hope of attaining finality”
In conclusion, the literature content has changed drastically. However, each article in its own way shows how the reason and objective of writings are still the same. We want to be heard, entertained, share an opinion, change the facts, or use writing as a tool. One thing that is easily noticed is the grammar and vocabulary is of a higher standard in the 19th century compared to today.

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