The Topic Of Higher Education Essay

The Topic Of Higher Education Essay

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The topic of higher education in the US is controversial for several reasons. I think the major problems that arise for people center around debt that students are left with upon graduation, lack of jobs that are relevant to what a person studied, and the cost of earning a degree. The tables are turning and people are starting to speculate if the pros actually outweigh the cons. For as long as I was in high school, I only ever heard that we all needed at least a bachelor’s degree for a decent paying job. Now that I am enrolled in my dream university, all I hear is college graduates cannot even find jobs. I remember when I was a first-year student, I had asked a sociology major what he planned after graduation. He calmly responded that he was going to work at a local B-B-Q restaurant as a waiter. It shocked me at first that he had no plans to work in his field, or even remotely close, but then I did a bit more research. I found that people were graduating with four-year degrees, but were still working jobs that only needed a maximum of a standard high school diploma. In addition to that, those that did find jobs worked in fields that had nothing to do with their degree, or area of interest. Although the expectation is not to get the absolute perfect job the day after graduation, I still was a little put off at my discoveries. Over the course of just a few years, one could see the shift in the country’s thoughts on college with major headlines reading, “Is it even worth it?”. To make the discussion more uncomfortable, the price of a degree can be very looming.
Tuition has never been known to make a steady decrease, if anything, it almost exclusively increases year after year. At my own university, tuition just experienced an increas...

... middle of paper ... still drill into students that it is the only way to survive in the real world. With at least a four-year degree, one can find a job that’s not in their field, and a job that they hate, and they can work it for the rest of their life because they have to pay off student loans. With this kind of mindset, it’s only a matter of time before people start protesting for lower tuition, guaranteed jobs upon graduation, or even a change to the system of student loans. I personally feel that college is doing me wonders each and everyday. I am learning so much about myself, having experiences that I never thought I would have, and I am growing so much into the type of person that I hoped I would have. So I would say college can have a positive impact, but unfortunately the benefits do not outweigh the price tags that come with higher education for many people of the country.

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