Topic Analysis Essay - Computer Programming

Topic Analysis Essay - Computer Programming

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Topic Analysis Essay – Computer Programming
A computer is not a very smart thing on its own. This is because a computer cannot do much besides calculate math figures and such by itself. That is where computer programming comes in. Computer programming allows you to make the computer “smarter.” It does this by telling the computer what to do. Without computer programming computers would be almost completely useless.
To tell the computer what to do programming gives it commands. Creating these commands requires creating variables and assigning them values. Computer programming programs are where you do this programming. These programs use different programming languages. Programming languages are a bridge between how we think and how a computer works. It translates the code you put into machine language (the language of a computer). Lastly programming languages make it easier to learn and understand the instructions you give the computer. You wouldn’t want to talk to the computer in its language and that is unnecessary.
The programs where you create this code are called compilers. These things act as the converters between the programming you write and the machine language the computer reads. This means that they convert the programming language code into machine language. This allows you to tell the computer what to do without having to know what the computer is doing and/or how it does it.
Now that discussion about these compilers and the facts about computer programming languages and how they function has been finished discuss a specific programming language. Visual Basic is a specific programming language that is used to make the code using variables and assigning those variables values as I mentioned earlier. In this langua...

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...e comparisons. These are called comparison operators. They usually return a Boolean value. Also you have Procedures which are blocks of code that tell the program what to do. These are useful for making a program go farther than variables alone can take it.
There are many parts to programming. Procedures consist of single lines of code and help make a program function beyond a single variable. Modules will take Procedures further. Variables store values which are used to run the program. They are the most basic part of any program and there are many different kinds of variables. Programming makes it easier to give computers commands and to learn how to create these commands. It is an important part of the computer world. Otherwise computers would not be able to do much because they aren’t very smart by themselves.
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