Top 10 SEO Tools that Are Worth the Bang for Your Buck Essay

Top 10 SEO Tools that Are Worth the Bang for Your Buck Essay

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Top 10 SEO Tools That Are Worth the Bang for Your Buck

A lot of SEO tools exist in the market, most of them are too expensive for what they offer, and some are just too cheap that it is almost useless. So, if you are one of those advanced SEO geeks who want an SEO tool that is both effective, and worth the price, you've come to the right place.

Take note that most of these tools that I will mention also come with free versions that work just fine but if you want to go for a better functions, don't hesitate to get the paid version.

SEOMoz Pro
SEOMoz Pro is one of my favorite since SEOMoz is where I started learning SEO. SEOMoz is also one of the most reputed SEO in the market, and it is without a doubt that the quality of their product.

SEOMoz contains a complete suite of tools on an easy to use platform. These tools allow to to track your site's traffic, check and compare backlinks to multiple URLs, perform keyword analysis, check your rank against your competitors, and more.

One notable tool with SEOMoz Pro is Fresh Web Explorer. This tools crawls the feed across the web for brand mentions. If a certain brand is mention in the forums, news site, or blog, you will be provided with the link. With this tool you can track your brand or your competitors and check how popular you or your competitors are.

SEMRush is a tool that focuses primarily on search engine marketing and that includes SEO and search engine marketing. SEMRush is a rank type SEO which tracks keywords and ranking within search engines giving webmasters information about your targeted keywords. This tool gives webmasters enough guidelines to optimize their current site or choose keywords assigned for their sites.

WordTracker is a popula...

... middle of paper ...

...vanced Web Ranking has one of the most advanced SEO tools you can find. Compared to other SEO tools I mentioned, Advanced Web Ranking is considered as one of the dark horse. It has been quietly praised by SEO professionals and the SEO community. It has robust features that you won't find elsewhere but in Advanced Web Ranking.

What is best about this tools is that:
It offers the best link building and management elements.
Has keyword analysis and integration
Performance reporting with automated reporting
Competitor analysis

There you go. These are some of the best SEO services in the market that you'll find will fit most of your needs. Although, most are a bit pricey specially for beginners, these tools are worth what you paid for and will give you deliverable results. If unsure, you can always try their free version before paying for any of their services.

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