Top Running Back And Wide Receiver Punt Options For Wild Card Weekend Essay

Top Running Back And Wide Receiver Punt Options For Wild Card Weekend Essay

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The regular season has wrapped, which means the NFL DFS playoff action is in full swing starting this Saturday. With only eight teams to choose from, DFS sites know that they have keep prices more affordable than normal to allow for playoff roster constraints. This week, we’ll take a look the top running back and wide receiver punt options for Wild Card weekend.

Running Backs

Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals- FanDuel $6,700, DraftKings $5,000, Yahoo $28
Head coach Marvin Lewis has made it clear that Hill is the running back to own in Cincinnati, giving the 2nd-year tailback 19 or more touches in four of the last five games. Hill found paydirt five times during that stretch, with three of those games coming on the road for the Bengals. Expect the Bengals to employ more of a ball control, run-based offense to help control the clock and keep Pittsburgh heavy passing attack off the field.

Pittsburgh checks in as the second worst defense on the slate this weekend, grading out 25th against the run and 22nd in overall defense according to PFF this season. Look for the Bengals to exploit that advantage at some this weekend. Hill is value RB2 option on DraftKings.

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Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins- FanDuel $5,500, DraftKings $3,700, Yahoo $16
With Matt Jones limited in practice again on Thursday due to a hip injury, expect Morris to be the bell cow again this Sunday at home against the Packers. Head coach Jay Gruden really began to lean on Morris down the stretch as his number of carries increased each week through the last five games of the season. He capped off the season with a 19-carry, 100-yard performance in Week 17 against Dallas.

The matchup for Washington is about aver...

... middle of paper ... the slot against Seattle’s best deep threat in Lockett. Minnesota has ranked fairly well defensively all season long, but may have trouble keeping Lockett from taking the top off of the Viking’s defense with Doug Baldwin destroying defenses in the middle of the field during the entire second half of the season.

In his last game against Minnesota, Lockett caught all seven of his targets for 90 yards, then followed that performance with three touchdowns in the next two games. Consider Lockett a strong value play on DraftKings and Yahoo on Sunday.

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