Top Level Management : Is It Really A Differentiator Or A Creator Of New Markets?

Top Level Management : Is It Really A Differentiator Or A Creator Of New Markets?

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SD are not really a differentiator or a creator of new markets, they lack innovation and are very risk averse. Although extensions to their position in the market have been made i.e operations have been implemented abroad, this brings around further issues and reliance on cultural competence and awareness. The sports retailer seems to be that of a cost leader, they have a relentless outlook on production and efficiency competing within their own market. Organisations today are subject to increasingly dynamic environments, which bring the demand for implementation of changes in strategy, structure and culture. There are many factors which contribute to organisations successfulness in implementation of such strategies and all need prior consideration and analysis (Armenakis, Harris, and Mossholder 1993). An approach to any changes in the organisation needs to be implemented very carefully and precisely, a clear strategic vision needs to be put into practice, a demonstration that there is commitment from top level management needs to be visible and also people could be made involved on a business unit level to facilitate a connection and development between not only the people and the organisation but also the culture. The Issues currently being faced by SD are definitely threatening the long-term sustainability of the company, although growth is still evident over recent years there is questions and uncertainty regarding the future, which is why plans need to be implemented to combat such uncertainties and ensure SD future, long-term success.
Imminent strategic change is definitely necessary for SD as the current social environment has a very negative hold over the organisation, however the conditions in the environment such as the...

... middle of paper ... emergent issues will be flagged in a timely manner, allowing the information and time to address challenges efficiently through action and contingency planning. In regards to SD, contingency plans can expect a high level of resistance and longevity of the change process as the company is very static, inflexible and again bureaucratic. However, if they stick to this rationale and ensure clarity and confidence from the top level of the organisation the strategic changes posed are well within SD capability.
It is important to remember that strategy is an ongoing process or activity as Mullins (2007) states that it is an iterative process and requires the uses of targets and milestones to see and monitor progress. In respects to Sports Direct, the implementation of strategic changes will hopefully secure the future success and longevity of this major sports retailer.

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