Top 10 Holiday Decorating Hacks Essay

Top 10 Holiday Decorating Hacks Essay

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Top 10 Holiday Decorating Hacks Even the Grinch Would Love

You’ve already knocked down one giant holiday, and now you have two more behemoths to go, The struggle could not be realer! With Christmas and New Years being only one week apart, you may not have time to redecorate, reorganize or recreate. Splender sees the stress, and we’ve come up with some solution. We have put together some great holiday hacks to allow your holiday décor to transition effortlessly. Let us help you breeze through this holiday season with our amazing double cash back offer (offer ends December 31, 2015.). Leave your holiday guest and wallet thinking that your superwoman, we promise your secret is safe with us.

Try These Hacks to Get Reorganized!

1. You know those Red Solo cups that you used for that cookout in July? Well, it 's time to put them to use again. Use these cups to neatly separate your larger ornaments before you put them away in your large storage bins. Get these bins and receive 5% cash back at Bath and Body Works through Splender. Another great idea is right in the fridge, use egg cartons to organize and store your smaller ornaments. This trick makes taking down the tree simple and allows you to find your ornaments easy for next Christmas.

2. The worst part of any holiday party is the cleanup. After the eggnog is all done, the last thing you want to do is whip out the yellow gloves. Make this unwanted task a little easier. Try lining your garbage with multiple trash bags. When one fills up, tie it up, toss it out and go back to Fa-La-La-La-La-ing. Bundle up the savings at with 5% cash back.

3. Wrapping gifts can be fun until you turn around and see nothing but by stripes, stars, and little penguins wearing Santa hats, Oh ...

... middle of paper ...

...ive your guest a bottle to pop after the New Year countdown. Beware! This hack is for our glitter addicts who need no recovery. Glitterati, Come forth and indulge!
What you need:
a. Bottle of champagne or cider
b. Gloves
c. Adhesive spray (Available at with 12% cash back.)
d. Craft glitter
e. Cloth or old sheet
Three easy steps
1. Spray adhesive on bottle
2. Add glitter to your hearts desire
3. Shake off excessive glitter on old sheet
4. Dry and let it shine.

That mean Mr. Grinch always tries to still your holiday joy but with these cute shortcuts, you’ve undoubtedly outsmarted him. Stay ahead of the game this time of year and shop these holiday hacks on the go with the new Splender mobile app. Get a chance to shop all of our partners and claim our best cash back offers this gift-giving season. Still not a member? It 's easy, Sign up here!

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