The Top 25 Freshman in the Nation Entering the 2010-11' College Basketball Season

The Top 25 Freshman in the Nation Entering the 2010-11' College Basketball Season

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The cream of the crop; the players your program would love to have. Here is the list of the top 25 freshman in the nation entering the 2010-11' college basketball season.

Watch out for: Trevor Reliford - Alabama Point Guard, 5'11'' 175 lbs; Justin Coleman - Louisville, Shooting Guard 6'6'' 210 lbs; Casey Prather - Florida, Small Forward 6'6''195 lbs.

25. Terrence Ross - Washington, Small Forward 6'6'' 180 lbs.

He is a very versatile forward that can score in many ways. You can put Ross on the low-block or outside the paint and expect him to score. He is in-depth with the mid-range game and can knock down jumpers consistently.

24. Tony Mitchell - Missouri, Power Forward 6'8'' 215 lbs.

Tony Mitchell is probably the most underrated players on this list. Mitchell is something similar to NBA small forward. At times, I witnessed him leading the break, displaying great vision and passing skills.

23. Doron Lamb - Kansas, Shooting Guard 6'4'' 183 lbs.

Doron Lamb is one of the most prolific scorers in this freshman class. He has a high motor, and enough speed to beat the defender off the dribble. With that, he also finishes well around the rim. He is in love with his mid-range game, and likes to go to his pick-and-pop occasionally.

22. Jereme Richmond - Illinois, Small Forward 6'7'' 195 lbs.

Richmond is an interesting recruit. He has the ability to get to the basket and score with the contact or without. He can play the two or the three. Displaying lateral quickness and an extra speed burst to blow past defenders.

21. Joe Jackson - Memphis, Point Guard 6'0'' 175 lbs.

Jackson is a crafty guard at 6-foot. He can score in a variety of ways and has good speed to beat the defender off the dribble. He is much smal...

... middle of paper ...

...uard ability, but he has great vision and average passing skills. He can shoot the ball consistently from deep, but loves the mid-range. He will become a big-time point guard at the college level working under Calipari.

2. Jared Sullinger - Ohio State, Power Forward 6'9'' 255 lbs.

Sullinger a big time post presence. He likes to throw down ever ball he touches. On top of that, he can step out and hit those mid-range jumpers. Not to mention, he has the ability to take defenders off the dribble and finish strong in the paint.

1. Harrison Barnes - North Carolina, Small Forward 6'8'' 210 lbs.

Barnes by far is the best player in this recruiting class.A lot of people are dubbing him as the next Carmelo Anthony, but he's Harrison Barnes. He is a very great athlete with a lot of upside. He has the ability to beat defenders off the dribble and finish with contact.

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