Essay on The Top Five Causes Of Automobile Accidents

Essay on The Top Five Causes Of Automobile Accidents

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Every person who has gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle will be involved in some sort of automobile collision at some point in his or her lifetime. Traffic accidents account for over twenty thousand deaths each year and more than ten times as many injuries. There are a number of factors that contribute to these types of collisions, however, new and evolving laws can account for a large portion of successful preventable measures. In order for laws to be changed or added for the purpose of safer roads and highways, lawmakers have to first look at what factors contribute to such unsafe conditions. The top five causes of automobile accidents that cause injury are distracted drivers, driver fatigue, drunk driving, speeding, and aggressive driving. Laws can be proposed to reduce and even eliminate each of these risks.
Distracted driving refers to a wide range of conditions involving the driver of the vehicle not being alert and attentive to the task of driving. These distractions can mean anything from texting and making phone calls to eating and other activities. Driving a motor vehicle while simultaneously being engaged in a different task can and is a fatal mistake that many drivers have made. There are already numerous laws in place that prohibit distracted driving but these laws have proven to be insubstantial in reducing or eliminating distracted driving. Laws should be changed to add larger penalties and fines when someone is caught being distracted by cell phones and other activities. These laws even should go as far as suspending a driver’s license after being caught more than once.

Driver fatigue accidents are caused when being tired or “drowsy” makes drivers less aware of surrounding events on the road and it impairs...

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...tes should have specific laws forbidding any forms of aggressive driving.
Many drivers and lawmakers would argue that changing or adding laws is unnecessary because stricter limits on driving encourages reckless behavior, and the amount of money saved and good that these laws will do is considered “negligible” but this is simply not the case. These proposed laws will make driving any type of automobile a lot safer, which should be the ultimate goal of any driver getting behind the wheel. Laws being changed or added will obviously save a vast amount of time, money, and lives, however, as long as there are vehicles on the road, there is a chance of accidents occurring. Victims of car accidents are often extremely disoriented so it is important to be aware of what laws are in place to protect victims and know the proper steps to take in the event of a traffic accident.

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