Too Smart And Hire For The Minority Essay

Too Smart And Hire For The Minority Essay

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Too Smart to Hire
For the majority in school, one is taught that a high score on a test is a positive accomplishment. A typical student will prepare homework throughout a course and expect to have a test at the end to determine his or her understanding of the subject matter. If a student performs poorly enough, he or she may not pass the test and have to take the class again. The fear of failure and desire to move on in school is enough of a driver for most to study and attempt to pass the class. It is not normal to assume that performing stellar on a test or entrance exam would actually disqualify one for consideration from employment. This notion is just not engrained into the psyche of modern civilization. Affirmative action is intended to protect from discrimination; consequently, some have been denied employment for being too smart. What rational could an applicant possibly accept when told he or she is too smart for a position?
Too Bright to Qualify
According to mainstream ideals, most tests are administered to help find the best candidate for a position; therefore, it is presumed that scoring high on a pre application test such as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is positive. Scoring higher than most on this test did not allow Robert Jordan, a Connecticut resident in the mid 1990’s, to earn an opportunity to serve his community as a City of New London police officer. Robert Jordan scored a noteworthy 33 of 50 on the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test; consequently, because he scored above a 27 he was not called in for a follow up interview (ABC NEWS, 2000).
Affirmative action prevents individuals from discrimination related to hiring applicants for employment. While a court of law did not find that Robert Jordan has been...

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...m an opportunity to join its police force. It is difficult to rationalize as affirmative action is in place to prevent employment discrimination of any kind. It should be noted, the City of New London police department was not intending to discriminate anyone; consequently, it was trying to improve the continuity of its police force that is plagued with attrition and a high turnover rate. Shock and bewilderment are what Robert Jordan rightfully felt; he was refused a job for performing above average on a test he was given. This contradicts the mindset that the majority is taught throughout his or her school years. To really understand this better, the analogy of hiring a neurosurgeon as a fast food clerk puts the rationale that there are some persons that are simply overqualified for certain positions and it is not a discriminatory act to deny him or her employment.

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