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Too Much Pain, No Gain
I have spent more time and effort than any other classes in my chemistry lab class that actually offered fewer credit hours than others. At the beginning of the class, I already grasped the sense that it was not a normal class; thus, should not be treated normally. The result I have received so far is much lower than other classes. I get drained because I do not think the work is not bringing any true learning like critical thinking ability but just tough, tough, tough! Also, I always see other students disputing over their lab report result with the teaching assistants. In the same manner at Miami University, some classes are excessively difficult to do well, which makes many students despair and pessimistic in terms of their grades and future goals in the near future. The most problematic fact is that this cannot be fixed by the mere efforts of students, i.e. some classes do not grant enough opportunities to succeed even for students who do everything in their power. If not only students who pour moderate effort, but even many of those who give it their all fails to achieve the fruits, it may signify there should be some changes in the classes, just as there should be a change in the real society where the hard workers do not earn what they have worked. In the light of this, I argue that some of the Miami classes should make improvements so that they become more helpful and attainable by at least diligent students.
A number of students, on one hand, showed their opinions that undoable classes actually exist, and they lead to negative effects. In a survey performed with students in ENG 109 class, 92% of the population answered “yes” to the question asking whether there are undoable classes with excessive di...

... middle of paper ...

...vered histories, scientific theories came out to the world and already increased the intensity of learning.
In conclusion, the only thing extremely difficult classes give to student are exhaustion and the reluctance to further learning. Of course moderate tension is necessary to gain any kind of ability or knowledge, but if it exceeds the limit, one may only see students failing and even the once most zealous student running away from the discipline. Hence, some courses should undergo modification making it into an acceptable range for students to both learn and thoroughly follow. I sincerely hope unattainable lectures in Miami University to be improved to deliver true hope in everyone’s career, as far as one has the will, and achievable learning experience required for the leader of this century instead of the mere harshness that eliminates the interest in studying.

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