Essay about Too Much Dependence on Social Welfare in the US

Essay about Too Much Dependence on Social Welfare in the US

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Public money is like holy water; everyone helps himself to it. ~ Italian Proverb
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness— these were the unalienable rights our forefathers bestowed upon our new nation when drafting the Declaration of Independence; what a far cry from independent our nation has become. Our forefathers guaranteed life and freedom, and the pursuit of happiness; happiness was not a guarantee, but set forth as a challenge for every individual to define and actively pursue for themselves. Surely, when our forefathers declared independence from an oppressive and overbearing king they did not intend for the American Government to become a maternal state that coddles its citizens. Sadly, we have become just that: a nation of citizens dependent upon our government for everything from putting food in our stomachs, to saving money for our retirement.
The origins of the concept of social welfare are undetermined, however, during the 1800’s, the United States began establishing and reforming social welfare programs funded by the American tax dollars to assist the poor, disabled, and elderly. As time has progressed, more and more citizens have become dependent on social welfare, causing its virtuous purpose to become muddled amongst a sea of outstretched hands. The Italians knew what they were talking about; public money is like holy water, many see it as an unalienable and natural right bestowed upon them by God. But like public money, as the pool of holy water sits more and more hands tap into it causing it to become contaminated and diseased, its original purity lost, as with its original intent. Social welfare programs’ initial intent was to promote the general welfare of the public by aiding to assist those who coul...

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...ildren on your taxes, you are making use of government incentive to procreate. Reproduction is completely natural; however, once backed by government incentive, the motivations for having children take an unnatural turn.

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