Too Big Or Too Small Essay

Too Big Or Too Small Essay

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Too Big or Too Small

Given the choice between a little college campus and a big college campus almost anyone would initially pick the latter. Rightfully so, because the two options differ in many ways, however that doesn 't mean that one is better than the other. A bigger campus offers a few things that a smaller one cannot. There are many more on campus activities and even an option to live on campus in a dorm. Smaller campus’ don 't offer that but some people also don 't prefer it. Something that a bigger campus lacks is closer relationships between students and teachers. On a smaller campus there are smaller class sizes, which offers a more one-on-one relationship with the students and teachers around you. This is all a matter of opinion and depends strictly on how someone learns. The last thing that seems to be the biggest thing for me personally, is that when living on campus and in a big college community, you lack real world experiences. Going to a smaller campus kind of leaves you on your own and forces you into the real world, and in turn you 're forced to grow up faster

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