Too Asi Racism, Privilege And Post Secondary Education Essay

Too Asi Racism, Privilege And Post Secondary Education Essay

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Michael C.K. Ma, a writer at the Kwanten Polytechnic University launched a new book called “Too Asian?”: Racism, Privilege and Post-Secondary Education” which is a collection of essays concerning Maclean’s magazine feature. In an article he wrote, he does not talk about the book itself, but rather voices something that may be missing in the book. “It is shocking that a major news magazine would involve itself in exploiting existing hegemonic, overt, and normalized notions of race and privilege. It is shocking that it would exactly that: to be overly racist, and to use that racism as a way to sell their product. Their products news, but it is also racism” (Ma, 2012).

This book, “Too Asian?”: Racism, Privilege and Post-Secondary Education” by R.J. Gilmour, Davina Bhandar, Jeet Heer, and Michael C.K. Ma is an anthology of essays by University graduates, human rights activists and cultural critics. The book begins with a section that explores the mythology of meritocracy surrounding Canadian postsecondary education. Henry Yu’s essay creatively argues that all too often, privilege attributes historically common in one group, while excluding others. In Chapter 2 of the book, postsecondary education in the United States and Canada are compared and contrasted, noting how distinct histories have given rise to contrasting higher education policies. David Weinfeld in this chapter argues that in the U.S, an area with a history of the civil rights movement, slavery, as well as a significant African American population, that postsecondary institutions address historical wrongs through their admission policies. However, he compares Canada as a nation with neither a sizeable comparable minority population and that race relations in postseconda...

... middle of paper ... is that there is a greater sense of how people live together, a greater acknowledgement of each others’ differences and there’s a greater ability to walk away and say we are obviously disagreeing, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be compassionate towards each other. Otherwise, all we 've done is basically said, “yeah you can do your own thing but stay within your own boundaries” (Habacon, 2013). Based on the research and critiques I have conducted so far, I have come to realize that Maclean’s article is not upsetting just due to the racism, poor ethics when it comes to journalism and the stereotyping of Asians, but the fact that the article could even pass illustration and publication, demonstrates that it was acceptable to set one group against another in a country, Canada, that prides itself for its multiculturalism implementation in their policy over 40 years ago.

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