The Tone Of The Speaker 's Tone Essay

The Tone Of The Speaker 's Tone Essay

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The author/speaker’s tone is shown as sympathetic towards his brother Sonny, who has an addiction towards drugs. The speaker seems to understand Sonny’s problems and tries to help him throughout the short story.In the beginning of the short story it states “...stared at it in the swinging lights of the subway car, and in the faces and bodies of the people, and in my own face, trapped in the darkness which roared outside…” (page one). In the short story it also states, “And I didn 't write Sonny or send him anything for a long time. When I finally did, it was just after my little girl died…”(page six). These quotes help to prevail the fact that the speaker has sympathy for his younger brother.
The speaker 's tone is described as sympathetic. To show sympathy for a person, it means that you are able to understand another individual 's feelings. This is shown between the speaker and his brother. After reading about his brother in the newspaper, the speaker starts to show concern for his brother. The way he describes his surrounds shows the pain he feels for his brother. For example, he says that he feels trapped. Throughout the story, the speaker continues to feel this way. When he was teaching his algebra class, he fears that his students can end up like his brother Sonny. The speaker was constantly contemplating on whether or not to write to his brother. Eventually, the speaker writes to his brother after his daughter dies. He seems to understand what suffering feels like so this provokes him to write to his brother. As shown, through several example in the short story the speaker seems to understands his brothers suffering. The author/speaker’s intention is to inform the readers. There are many things the author can inform his re...

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...causing the ones to listen not to understand. The speaker 's wife said that it was like living with sound and not a person. Sonny uses music to speak for him. Sonny has an inability to express himself properly, this is what music helps him to do. When Sonny and his brother was in the nightclub, Sonny was performing. Throughout the short story, the reader is able to understand that the speaker feels that music is not an important factor in Sonny life. This is shown through the conversation they had after their mother 's funeral. Sonny wanted to become a musician and the speaker thought otherwise. When the speaker hears Sonny play the piano, he realizes that music is a part of Sonny life. Through the music he plays,the speaker is able to understand the sufferings of his brother. As shown, music has helped Sonny to reveal his feeling, which he is unable to do by himself.

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