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Tomorrowland: Electronic Music Festival Essays

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Since 2005, the electronic music festival Tomorrowland has become one of the largest in Europe and worldwide. The Tomorrowland festival holds over three days on 27, 28 and 29 at the end of July. It takes place every year as the recreational area at De Schorre Boom, near Antwerp in Belgium.
Tomorrowland takes place each year in a park with restaurants, cocktail bars, open bar and a nice lake crossed by wooden bridges and swans paddle shaped spaces. 15 scenes spread over the vast hilly terrain or stands Tomorrowland main stage has a natural arena for more than 30 000 places and its front is nearly 100m long and 35m high. Other scenes are installed in an underground tunnel, on a terrace on the water and in the capitals of colors. Every night from 23 hours, fireworks are fired simultaneously for several scenes and make repeat the general euphoria.

The first festival of Tomorrowland was held the 14 August 2005. Some great names of electronic music have participated such as David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Push Mike, Cor Fijneman, Yves Deruyter, Technoboy, and Coone. The visitors were 10,000. The firth edition of Tomorowland was the first big one with 100,000 visitors. Famous performers were present like Chuckie, the Sweedish House Mafia, Dada Life, Robert Sanchez and again David Guetta. David Guetta and the Sweedish House Mafia broke chart records and were responsible for a mass frenzy during two days. The 2011 edition of Tomorrowland marked the festival's development to three days. Just a few times after the official sale of tickets started, Tomorrowland was entirely sold out and had over 180,000 visitors. Nervo, David Guetta, Avicii, the Swedish House Mafia, Tiësto, Carl Cox, and Brodinski was perfo...

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...e, espresso machine and private lounge terrace. The price for this can be quite expensive. This Easy Tent option provides one tent per ticket, with each tent holding 2 to 5 people. The tent is set up for you. You are allowed to take the tent home with you at the end of the event.

Tomorrowland has received universal praise for its choice of festival cuisine. Food ranges from hot dogs and pizza to oyster and Belgian chips (French fries) with a wide choice for vegetarians and vegans. Those eating and drinking in the VIP area are also eligible for free massages. The festival operates on a coupon system, in 2012 prices were 10€ for 7 coupons, 2 coupons to Drink Beers and 1,5 coupon for a Soda. People can also buy the Booze bag which is composed by 35 coupons and costs 50€. People are allowed to take their own provisions into the site, but bottles in glass are forbidden.

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