Tomorrow Rests on Our Abilty to Rebel with Cause Essay

Tomorrow Rests on Our Abilty to Rebel with Cause Essay

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Life is what we make it. Live so there are answers you will want to hear. Live with purpose. Purposes are all around us. Live so that when there are regrets, it is because your adventure here on earth is ending, and not because you left things undone, unsaid, or unaccomplished.

The best leaders address the connection between people, strategy, and results in an organization by communicating the significance of the company’s work in a way that people understand the value of their work and how important their work performance is to the success of the company. When leaders clearly communicate a shared vision to everyone of an organization, they elevate the human spirit. People want to make a difference and know that the time they spent here on earth had a purpose.

Leadership is not about just about your own values it is also about the values of the people in your organization. Clarifying your own values and understanding the values of others is the key to aligning values that can be shared. Shared values are the foundation blocks that enable people to build working relationships that are genuine and productive. A good leader takes the time to know his or her teammates on a personal level. A great leader learns about each person’s values, how they build trust, and what motivates this person to achieve excellence. They share the team’s values, their own values, and align the team to work together toward a shared goal or goals.

In order to accomplish this task, the manager of each department has his or her employees complete a questionnaire that includes topics such as where you grew up, favorite food, hobbies, describe a favorite childhood friend, and your favorite vacation destination. The next set of questions wil...

... middle of paper ... tested and make it on their own, do something well, do something good, and change the way things are” (Kouzes & Posner, 2012, p. 120).

Rebel against ignorance

Rebel against the lack of enthusiasm for learning

Rebel against the attitude that there is nothing wrong with the way things are now
Leaders are positive about the future, and truly believe that each employee can and will make a difference in the overall business success.

Much of the difficulty we face stems from the fear of looking at yourself as you are and looking at others as they are. We have the ability to look ahead and to think. We have the capacity to find the answers to our existence and the hope of tomorrow rests on your ability to rebel with cause.

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Kouzes, J., & Posner, B. (2012). The leadership challenge. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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