Essay on The Tomorrow Land Festival in Belgium

Essay on The Tomorrow Land Festival in Belgium

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TomorrowLand is a festival that’s held in Belgium annually. To put in perspective its popularity, it sells its capacity of tickets, 180,000, in less than an hour. Tomorrowland is arguably the most popular festival in the world. I’m going to discuss Tomorrowland’s transition to America and its effect on the American culture and musical trends.
Tomorrowland debuted in Boom, Belgium, August 14th, 2005. The festival was founded by Manu and Michiel Beers, featuring up and coming electronic or EDM artists. Tomrrowland has been steadily growing in popularity. In 2008 the festival had 50,000 in attendance, the following year over 120,000. Tomrrowlands fame caught wildfire and has quickly emerged as the head of electronic festivals and arguable any festival of other genres. In 2012, “Less than one day, all of the tickets sold out and at some moments there were 2,000,000 people on the online waiting list.” The official sold out time was approximately 43 minutes. With Tomorrowlands extreme popularity, it’s become a desirable festirval for all top artists to take part in. The most popular EDM artist such as, Avicci, Demetri Vegas, and Arwin Van Burren have all taken part in the festival. It’s the largest platform, for up and coming artist it’s the golden ticket for putting your name out there gaining popularity.
In March 2013, SFX Entertainment (who recently acquired a 75% stake in ID&T) announced that it would begin organizing an American spin-off of Tomorrowland, known as TomorrowWorld, in September 2013. Tomorrowland decided to expand, choosing America, a market that was just starting to pick up on the electronic scene. TomorrowWorld took place in a suburb of Atlanta. This was an extremely smart move. With the odds stacked against it – ...

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...drum’n'bass and Balearic Ibiza stuff, creating megastars like Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren and other people with three names.” It seems unreal to be where we are today, when young Americans are traveling to other continents to hear EDM music and have started picking up on something that used to be next door. Yet, while it’s easy for elders to cram history down the young peoples throats, it wouldn’t be EDM, then. As it is, the movement is pure, hipster, and it absolutely had to happen now as the genre is near its peak. “It’s the inevitable merging of commercial pop, hip-hop, and all the electronic music scenes that confounded Americans in the past; replacing it with something accessible and, above all, stimulating as hell.” EDM isn’t just electronic music but has combined with other genres as it merges with American music and its soaring pop and R&B culture.

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