Essay on Tolkien: A Racist, Sexist, or Not?

Essay on Tolkien: A Racist, Sexist, or Not?

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There is no doubt that John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was an exceptional writer. Today, he is considered the father of modern fantasy literature. However, he did not start off as this extraordinary writer; rather, Tolkien worked his way up until he attained this status. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born on January 3rd of 1892 in a South African province. At an early age, his mother, Mabel, took him and his younger brother, Hilary, on a family visit to England; however, before his father, Arthur, could join them in England, Arthur had died from rheumatic fever. Without an income, Mabel took her children to live with her in Kings Heath with her parents. Mabel sparked John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s interests in botany, drawing, and fantasy stories. Eventually, type I diabetes caught up with Mabel and at the age of 34 she died. As Tolkien became older, he began to write literary essays about middle-earth. He also is the author of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Critics and historians often debate The Lord of the Rings Trilogy’s depictions of evil characters, often classifying J.R.R Tolkien as being a racist and a sexist or defending J.R.R. Tolkien by stating that his character descriptions were merely used to advance the plot and add an exotic atmosphere to the trilogy; however, after evaluating this assertion it is clear that J.R.R. Tolkien is not a racist and a sexist and is simply a unique fantasy writer because these comments are inconsistent with his characters, as shown through his writing style, personality, and the era.
Tolkien is not a racist or a sexist as shown through his writing style where he simply employs the concept of war and its toll on the characters to advance the plot and add an exotic atmosphere in the Lord...

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...otic atmosphere that middle-earth fosters. Therefore, from this analysis, it can be determined that Tolkien is, in fact, not a racist or a sexist, but a venerable fantasy writer who maintains the status quo of his era, identifies the predicament of women, and ultimately sympathizes with women and minorities.

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