Today’s Youths Inclination to Self-Harm Essay

Today’s Youths Inclination to Self-Harm Essay

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Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI,) is a condition that affects many teens around the world. The DSM-V, Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders the fifth addition, recognizes it as a psychosis that needs further research, and is regarded as a person who cuts, burns, pulls hair, breaks bones, and causes harm to one’s self without the intent of death. Non-suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI), is described when no other disorder, such as autism spectrum and substance abuse are present. Although some see self-harm as a trend research shows that, the activity has been going on for a long time. The condition of NSSI is not necessarily a trend but is a serious ailment that requires immediate psychiatric intervention.
Self-Injury is not a fad or anything new in our culture today, although images available to our youth are making the topic of self-harm common. Researchers found five-thousand videos on YouTube, many of which had no viewer content warning, and accessible to teens, and Psychologists worry that the graphic videos could encourage and normalize this behavior (Kids Watching). Today many teens are accessing self-harm images and content on the World Wide Web, through YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. These images are often against the Terms of Service Agreements, and pictures are uploaded faster than the site providers can remove the content. Often a teen will be searching the internet for ways to manage their feelings and find these pictures and memes that express that self-injury is an outlet for stress, anxiety, and depression.
At times, teens will use self-injury to try to relieve their feelings of anxiety and pressures they are feeling in lives. Teens are feeling pressures from the standard things of body image, fashion t...

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