Today's Success of Farmers' Markets Essay

Today's Success of Farmers' Markets Essay

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Nowadays, it is not rare to see farmers markets scatter all over the country especially during the summer. As people begin to gain more knowledge about healthy eating, more farmers begin to set up tents and tables to sell their produce. No matter how cold it is or how busy people are, the markets are always packed with people. The large number of people going there might cause others to questions many things. How did these people know when and where these markets are opening? The answer to this question is short and simple: a blog or a website. Back then farmer markets are not well known within the community due to the lack of advertisement and interest. However, since technology has become more advanced, vendors take advantage of it and utilize it to their fullest. One of the most well-known farmers markets in the state of Washington is the Ballard famers market. This particular farmers market takes advantage of social media. They keep their customers inform of what is happening as well as introducing the market to their potential customers. In order to successfully convince people to come to the market, the bloggers must employ many techniques. Within this blog alone, the creators used pictures, colorful and creative designs, sidebar tabs, and rhetorical appeals such as logos and pathos to tell their targeted audience which is a diverse group of people that this market is a perfect place to be at when the sun is out, and a perfect place to be at if they want good foods.
Farmers market produces are known for their fresh and high quality as well as their prices.
The vendors are those who personally shed sweats to plant the crops, take care of them, and sell
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them at the market. As the number of farmers continues to increas...

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...asing locally grown produces as well as locally produced foods. They persuade people effectively through the use of
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colloquial diction, sarcasm, visual appeal, and rhetorical appeals such as pathos and logos. With these strategies, this blog is intended to aim to various groups of people. Instead of forcing people into buying their products, these promoters are using these strategies to point out why their
products are better than others and that is the reason why people should purchase their foods and support the local farmers and companies. Since it benefits the community, and it is less forceful, people would feel sympathetic toward these farmers. Overall, due to their creativity and techniques use to write the posts, these promoters are able to grab people attention, not only into reading their posts, but also into going to the Ballard farmers market.

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