Today's Monster and Muses in Ancient Greece Essay

Today's Monster and Muses in Ancient Greece Essay

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Music is constantly in our lives. Whether listening to a country song at a coffee shop, or a rap song at a shoe store, music is all around us. Because of this, we are constantly buying music so that we can listen to the same songs over and over again. This is not a bad thing however, but some people abuse people’s necessity to own music by producing songs with the wrong messages. Some music can completely change the world with its message, but others can hurt it. If one walks down the hallways of this school, he will undoubtedly find people listening to music, but also people singing/rapping it, whether alone or with friends. Muses in Ancient Greece were known to represent the fine arts and all that was good about them. Music, poetry, sculpture, dance, the muses represented the fine arts, and all their benefits. The monsters, on the other hand, were much different. The monsters represented the bad parts of society. In today’s world, this would be drugs, gangs, violence, and being disrespectful to women. By cleaning up today’s music to the point where positive messages are being displayed, we can help spread good values to people all over the world, instead of condoning violence and crime.
Macklemore helps display a positive message in his song “Same Love,” featuring Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert. In one of his often overlooked songs, he spreads the message of how being gay is looked down upon by today’s society. He raps in the second verse of his song “If I was gay I would think hip-hop hates me; Have you read the YouTube comments lately? ‘Man, that's gay’ gets dropped on the daily; We've become so numb to what we're saying.” Macklemore asks the listener if he has read the YouTube comments. By using the term “Man, that’s gay,” a v...

... middle of paper ..., the most popular songs of today’s music, with exceptions of course, fall under two categories: monsters and muses. Hopefully, we can all recognize which songs we should use as a model for what we do, but there aren’t really ways to control it. Music goes through phases, and hopefully sometime soon we’ll move on from listening to music that condones rape to music that supports same sex marriage. There is a line, however, between music that represents awful values and music that explains awful values. Many Eminem songs are filled with curse words, but most of the time he is describing the hardships of his life. By keeping music to a standard where the hateful music is actually trying to give a message, rather than just rambling about crime, artists can still express their feelings through music, but through a way that will not condone people to violence as a hobby.

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