Today 's Lesson : Can You Please Cover Yourself Essay examples

Today 's Lesson : Can You Please Cover Yourself Essay examples

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Today 's Lesson: Could You Please Cover Yourself
There are few subjects in school that we carry with us past high school and that we use daily. Very few of us remember the capital of New Jersey, how to pronounce Pythagorean theorem (let alone use it), or what mitochondria is. There were a lot of lessons that did not stick with us past graduation. There is, however, one lesson in particular, that is being taught that will not only stick with us for life, but that will harm many. Schools are singling out girls due to their clothes and punishing them for showing certain parts of their bodies; provocative and sexual body parts, such as shoulders, collar bones, and legs. Rather than learning geometry or about World War И, these ladies are being taught, through dress codes, that they should be ashamed of, and hide their bodies so they don 't distract hormonal boys with their shoulders. Instead of taking away from girls ' education and further sexualizing the body, we need to get a grip on dress codes and stop singling out young school girls.
Society has taken the sexualization of the female body to a whole new level and is now teaching young girls that their bodies are too distracting to show even their collarbone. Dress codes are used to cover parts of the body that schools consider distracting to others. A reasonable dress code typically includes restrictions such as straps must be one inch thick, shorts should be no shorter than your fingertips, and underwear and buttocks should not be visible. Some schools seem to have taken advantage of dress codes and are discriminating against female students. In The Sexism of School Dress Codes by Li Zhou, we learn about a high school in Kentucky that sent a student home due to her t-shirt sto...

... middle of paper ... be ashamed of their bodies.”
Dress codes create regulations that should keep students dressing in a reasonable manner and that keep inappropriate clothing at home. However, dress codes have strayed away from their main purpose and are instead being used to single out girls and teach them to be ashamed of their bodies and how they affect their male peers. When we should be teaching boys to keep their eyes to themselves and keeping class discussions about actual school subjects, we are instead placing blame on young girls and sexualizing them. Dress codes have become outrageous, in that they are even getting girls in trouble for revealing a collarbone, something that both genders have and show. Young girls need to stop being made to feel ashamed and sexualized. We need to reevaluate dress codes and stop adding to the cycle we have started for women.

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