Today 's Brutality And Dehumanization Towards African American Makes 2016 The Upcoming Evolution Of The Jim Crow Law

Today 's Brutality And Dehumanization Towards African American Makes 2016 The Upcoming Evolution Of The Jim Crow Law

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Today 's brutality and dehumanization towards African American makes 2016 the upcoming evolution of The Jim Crow Era. In the 1880’s the Jim Crow Law was created. Jim Crows Laws was the legalization of segregation between whites and colored in southern states. This law was a violation of the first amendment, fourteenth amendment, and the fifteenth amendment. Water fountains were labeled and separated for ‘colored people’ and ‘white people’. Children were being overly victimized by this law as well, students were separated from each other, and some were even denied education because of the new segregation laws. The separation of school systems were not equal, white schools receive higher budgets for schools than blacks schools. “City school systems had more money than rural ones. However, at that time in the South, most African Americans lived in rural areas, on farms. On the other hand, many white children lived in cities and could attend well-funded city schools.” ( Brooker)

In 1892 Homer Plessy purchased a first class seat in a railroad cart for whites, he was arrested for violating the Separate Car Act shortly after. Homer Plessy takes his case to the U.S Supreme Court, where they later made the decision “separate but equal accommodations for whites and nonwhite”. In 1954 the court overruled the the separate but equal decision was unnecessary for school systems “State-sanctioned segregation of public schools was a violation of the 14th amendment and was therefore unconstitutional.” ( "Brown v. Board of Education (1954).")

2016 is just approaching and we still face racism in our school systems. Racism coming from teachers, students, and the board of education. Until this day private schools receive a higher budget tha...

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... these innocent people. Human naturally express their feelings through word, and if that can 't be understood there should be an more accurate way to hiring law enforcers. Police officer covertly and repeatedly violate our first amendment. Our first amendment clearly states the freedom of speech. Both Sandra Bland and Eric Garner both spoke up for their rights along with many other people today and in history. They both were speaking their feelings freely, and they both died in police custody. This goes to show the job of law enforcement, and how much of a protection they are to our people and property now and in the past. All the violence happening and caused by police makes today the start of a new Jim Crow. If law enforcement continues to get away with these injustices, the Jim Crow Era will only Evolve quicker than expected. After all history does repeat itself.

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