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Today is a good day. No—today is a great day. A day like today has been year in the making. Today is a day for victory, a day for celebration, a day for pride. Today is a day for us to take a deep breath, lift our voices, and say, “I did it. I deserve success, and I will go out and find it.” However, while today may a day for rest, of relief, of anticipation of what comes next, today is also a day to understand exactly what we are leaving behind: a school full of our memories, our achievements, our legacy. The word “legacy” is a powerful, overwhelming statement; it describes how a single person or a whole group can build upon what they have accomplished so that they can grow and, eventually, touch the lives of others. A legacy is shaped by action, both ours and those around us.

For this, today is a day to give thanks. Today, we recognize the people—friends, family, and teachers alike—who have worked so hard and made so many sacrifices so that we could enjoy a day like today. Today, we recognized the people who touches us, who inspired us, who paved the way for us to continue onward, their legacy becoming our legacy. Remember their names.

Today is a day to remember. Today is a day for us to pause and truly live in the moment, so when we are asked about today, we will always be able to describe what it was like. Today is a day to realize that while we we have come so far, our journey is not over. Remember that today is still a long way away for some. Remember that as long as there are those who doubt, those who cannot see themselves in our place, we cannot stop. We can be an example. Our legacy in moving forward shows them that they can carry on.

Today is a day for reflect. The idea of leaving a legacy has been etched into the...

... middle of paper ...

...ave their kids attend our school.

We did that. We got those reactions. We made those parents proud of our school even before their children could step through our doors. This is what being remembered is all about. This is what a legacy is all about. It is about making those kind of impressions. It is about touching the lives of others and inspiring them. It is about moving forward and what we are leaving behind—our history—but it is also something we take with us, allowing it to grow and build upon other legacies, and today, we start our fun and safe journey where we take are of ourselves and take care of others. Today, we will use the lessons we have learned our teachers have passed down to us from both inside and out of the classroom. Today, we understand our legacy.

Today is a good day. No—today is a great day. No—today is a day where I look forward to tomorrow.

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