Essay on The Tobacco Use Achievement From The Century Of Progress

Essay on The Tobacco Use Achievement From The Century Of Progress

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1. After reviewing the Tobacco Use achievement from the Century of Progress in Public Health case study, select a specific health outcome from the leading causes of death (Table 2-4) and analyze that health problem for its determines and contributing factors (direct and indirect). Identify at least two major determinants. For each major determinant identify two direct contributing factors and for each direct contributing factor identify two indirect contributing factors.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Among other determinant factors of cardiovascular diseases the main ones are diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol. Several studies have proven the link between these risk factors and that is why the healthcare professionals emphasize to patient to stop smoking, what their diet, their weight and actively lifestyle, and measure the lipid profile at age 40-50 when the risk of heart disease is higher. Some of direct factors that directly affect diabetes are trunkal weight gain poor diet. An indirect factor that contributes to diabetes is sedentary lifestyle. For example the excessive use of technology is a common phenomenon. We have the choice to online banking, postage, shopping, and even telecommute to work. Poor diet that includes sugary drinks and big portions of food, and lack of access to healthier choices are other indirect factor that that lead to diabetes and heart disease.
High cholesterol is a major determinant to heart disease. Fast food industry is booming in America where people live a fast paced life and don’t have time to cook their own meal and control the ingredients. Another indirect factor that engages us in unhealthy behavior that leads to heart disease is the cultural roots. ...

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...ia declined an “offer” of the US to use the land for the destruction of Syria’s nuclear and chemical weapons. As much as Albania needs the support and assistance from the United States, the politicians for once put the country’s interest first.
When analyzing population as a factor in the health status of Albania I think it doesn’t play a significant role. Population of Albania has had little increase in the last years. This phenomenon is related to hemorrhagic immigration due to poverty and no job market. This country child birth per family went from 5-7 children per family to 1-3 children per family. Similarly to US, the “baby boomers” born in the 50’s increases the need for health care and retirement assistance.
Albania Rejects Request to Host Syrian Chemical-Arms Destruction

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