Essay about Tobacco Smoking Is The Primary Cause Of Preventable

Essay about Tobacco Smoking Is The Primary Cause Of Preventable

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Tobacco smoking is the primary cause of preventable illness and premature death globally. Hookah smoking is one type of tobacco use, which gains popularity in recent years. Hookah smoking is a general term given to an apparatus where tobacco is inhaled after passing through water. Hookah was invented in India in the 15th century as a safe alternative cigarette smoking because they believed that smoke gets filtered by the water. Nowadays hookah spreads globally and a with wide variety of names such as waterpipe, shisha, (n)arghile, goza, and hubble-bubble to mention but a few.
Researches evidence suggests that hookah smoking growing rapidly among British young adults. A recent report by the Freedom of Information (FOI) identified a 210% rise in the number of UK commercial hookah venues five years on from the implementation of the Smoke-free law on 1st July 2007, and this likely reflects increasing use in the British population.
Other countries have also witnessed a rise in hookah smoking. The Global Youth Tobacco Survey concluded that, while cigarette smoking prevalence was decreasing among 13-15 year-olds, 33 out of 97 global regions showed an increase in other tobacco use which was mostly attributed to hookah. Other countries have also reported alarmingly high prevalence of use. It is therefore of little surprise that hookah’s public health status has been described by the American Lung Association as “a growing deadly trend” and by leading UK tobacco control academics as a “public health priority” .
Several factors can explain this popularity. Hookah’s flavour emanates a cool, aromatic and colourful smoke that provides a sensory appeal to its users contributing to a falsely reduced harm perception. Aggressive and misleading ...

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...ack the survey was improved and finalised for launch in early May 2016. Prior to the survey the full consent was given to the participants and then obtained full consent from the participant based on their knowledge and understanding. The total of 32 students of Waltham Forest College students participated in the survey. All data p<0.01 were significant in both Regression and Anova analysis.
As the busiest time to find participants were very difficult. However, finding suitable time strategies -including tea room, library, break time and student in YMCA, just to name a few helped to avoid the problems.
The data were collected cross- sectional methods only in Waltham Forest Collage which cannot be representative of the Londoner. Further cross-sectional and longitudinal survey among different colleges, universities and hookah cafes are needed to get reliable results.

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