Tobacco Marketing Aimed At Youth Essay example

Tobacco Marketing Aimed At Youth Essay example

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Some of the people that back prop 56 include taxpayers, educators, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, labor and small businesses. When the Los Angeles times interviewed a spokesman from No on 56 campaign’s, Brooke Armour, to identify some healthcare and educators that supported their campaign she couldn 't name any. Some of the arguments supporters of prop 56 made were “The proposition would prevent youth smoking and would also address tobacco marketing aimed at youth as a target customer”. If tobacco marketing aimed at youth is taken care of right now the youth won 't have temptation to want to pick up a cigar nor a e-cigarette, since tobacco companies are now targeting them with e-cigarettes. According to tobacco free kids studies have found that kids are more prone to start smoking by cigarette marketing than by peer pressure. The organization Yes on 56, who fought along side of prop 56 focused on three points, which were, protect children, saves lives, and asks smokers to pay their fair share to improve health care and fight cancer. It has been proven that higher tax re...

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