Tobacco Laws And Local Ordinances Essay

Tobacco Laws And Local Ordinances Essay

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lives and add some enjoyment to it.
Due to the nature of alcoholic drinks, the rules and regulations for alcohol are different across the states. Alcoholic beverages are unique and can have negative consequences if consumed illegally by underage teens or abused by adults. If a person use alcohol in an average amount occasionally then it will be fun and not danger. NBB promoted beer culture and the responsible enjoyment of beer. All the breweries that sell beer commercially are subject to licensing and permit approvals by a number of governmental authorities at the Federal, state and local level. The distributors work with a "chain-of-custody" method in the sale of beer. This system makes it very easy to enforce state laws and local ordinances. The same system also regulates the sales to the retailers ensuring that they hold the correct licenses, do not sell to the underage, pay the required state and local taxes and comply with the state and local alcohol beverage laws. The environmental regulations are different at a federal and state level. There are special environmental permits required by the federal and state authorities. These requirements consider permissions for air emissions, water discharges from the brewery, and handling and proper disposal of hazardous waste materials.
People choose a particular brand because they feel a sense of attachment with the brand. Most of the brands try to create an aura around them which makes them attractive to targeted customers and New Belgium is one of them who become nationally recognized as a “paradigm of environmental efficiencies”. NBB adopted a triple-bottom line (TBL) approach to business which incorporates economic, social, and environmental factors. To evaluate company’s succes...

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...nimal damage to the natural environment and “Tour de Fat” and supports environmental, social, and cycling non-profit organisations. NBB received numerous awards like:
¬ Business ethics award for its dedication to environmental excellence in every part of its brewing process.
¬ Best mid- sized brewing company of the year.
¬ Best mid-sized brew master at the Great American Beer Festival.
¬ Three medals for three different brews.
¬ The Environmental Protection Agency’s regional Environmental achievement award.
Despite of being a Brewery, NBB’s contribution towards environment and society is praiseworthy. They have created a very positive and socially responsible image in the beer consuming public by re-examine its ethical, social and Environmental responsibilities. In my opinion, New Belgium’s actions and initiatives are indicative of a socially responsible corporation.

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