Tobacco Cigarettes vs. Electronic Cigarettes Essay

Tobacco Cigarettes vs. Electronic Cigarettes Essay

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Tobacco Cigarettes vs. Electronic Cigarettes
Around the world it is known that tobacco products can be harmful to your body. Globally, tobacco is the leading cause of certain cancers and heart diseases. Some people may not realize that the ingredients in a cigarette are not only harming their heart, but also their mouth. Cancers can first be detected in the oral cavity since it is the spot that cigarette smoke hits first. Although smoking and tobacco use has gone down in the past years people find that it is very hard to quit. Because of this, they turn to electronic cigarettes. But what if these “e-cigs” are just as harmful to the mouth as a normal cigarette?
The most common form of tobacco used is the cigarette. Smoking for most people gives satisfaction and pleasure. The tobacco chemicals that are released into the brain when inhaled cause a happy or joyous feeling to the person. People often turn to cigarettes to suppress hunger or relieve stress (Dichter). After a short period of time, a person can become addicted to the satisfaction they get from smoking a cigarette. Certain tobacco products contain toxins, carcinogens, and poisons that are all extremely harmful to the human body. 60 chemicals that are contained in a tobacco cigarette are cancer-causing agents (Wexner). It is these chemicals that make cigarettes as well as other tobacco products so addicting to their users. Over time the need for a cigarette increases and the harder it becomes to quit smoking. Some users turn to smoking alternatives in order to quit. The first thing a smoker will reach for is something that looks and feels similar to a normal cigarette.
Electronic cigarettes or “e-cigs” were made to resemble the taste and feeling that a tobacco cigarette gi...

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...r an electronic cigarette, both have a significant impact on the oral cavity.

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