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Should tobacco and alcohol advertising be allowed on television? The ban on advertising tobacco is already in affect, however, alcohol is another harmful substance. Should liquor be allowed to be advertised, if tobacco can not advertise their product? The ban on advertising tobacco products on television and radio, was passed through legislation in 1970 by Richard Nixon. This argument like others out there has two sides, one side in favor these advertisements and the other against these advertisements. Since both of these substances are highly addictive and costly. Would we like to see these advertisements continued? Are these advertisements the hazard they are communicated to be? Through the research of these two important sides, this essay will explore which side has a stronger stance on the topic.
This is one of those question's where two people will come up with different answers to a question and believe they are right. One group of people would say that it is wrong to glorify tobacco and alcohol by advertising on television. They would state the health concerns and a concern for the viewer. Since some people are either a minor, or there are people that struggle with addiction. Would it be humane to flash pictures of a drink to an alcoholic? How about showing a hungry person food? But not giving the food to them in the end, these things plants the thought and need for the item. While the other group would say they have the right to advertise their product. The could say that an alcoholic should be stronger in the battle or to remove themselves from the situation of temptation.
They would also state that it is a parents responsibility to communicate the dangers of these products. Both groups have reasons...

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